Rating Games And Leaving Comments

by Havacoman

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Rating can be easy but some of you will rate a game either a one or an eight.  I'm going to explain some of the things you need to know when rating a game.

1.  Don't rate on whether you like the topic or not.  For example, if you don't like dogs and the game is called Killing Dogs but it is only one page long don't rate it an eight.  The same would be for a game like "Saving the Last Two Dogs", don't rate it a one.

2.  Linear Games aren't that great.  If you play it and half the time you get a you died link and then click back the game is linear.  Knock off two points in your rating for games like these.  They are not fun to play.  Some games though can beat that and that goes into point three.

3.  A good storyline will always bring pleasure.  For example, the entire series made by Devin711 and the What Really Happened.  This isn't neccisary if the game is all challenge.  If it is a game that has a plot it needs to be a little good.  If it is all challenge (see topic 4) then there might not be a plot.

4.  Some games are all challenge.  For example, Cryptode offers a great challenge.  It is good to see that you failed something and in doing so something happened.  Just make sure the game isn't all death links.

5.  How is charater interaction.  If there is some great.  If it is all kill everybody you see than bad.  In Cryptode, which is a great game you can talk to some people.  But most people you see you end up killing.  You also never talk.  How do they figure out who you are before you talk?

Now that you know some things on rating a game, you should learn how to leave a comment.

I have seen to many "It Was Good" comments.  There is a great style my teacher taught me.  It is called PQP: Praise, Question, Pose.

First you start with Praise.  Say some things that are good about the game.  Don't say everything though.  Say one or two that really stand out.

Then you need to Question it.  Ask something that you didn't understand.  For example if there is a game that is 3 pages that says: You are running down an alley!  You look back and somebody is shooting at you!  Oh no, a dead end.  Bang, your dead.  Yes, this sucks as a game but some questions you could ask are:  What do the alleys look like?  Who is shooting?  Why are they shooting?  Where and when did this take place?

Afterwards it is nice to say something else that is good. The final part of PQP is Pose.  Just say what you would do better.