Creation of good story plot

by RobustSporadic

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I have determined twelve steps for creating a good story plot.


Delve into your imagination and get ideas for your story plot. Free-writing may also be a beneficial way to brainstorm. To work more efficiently, apply a set period of time to your brainstorming session.

Seek out inspiration

Reading other stories is a way to understand what you like and dislike in other plots. Look around you, from current news, stories and movies to groundbreaking research.

Choose basic characters:

Some writers build characters before plot, while others build their plot first. However, having basic characters allows you to implement key players into your plot- building strategy

Understand cause and effect

A plot is the composed by a chain of events. Make sure your chain of events has possible causes and effects.

Create rules and laws

This is especially important for science fiction and fantasy. If your plot does not follow simple logic (for example: time travel), establish rules and laws that remain consistent.

Choose a conflict

The problem or situation keeps the story interesting.

Pick a resolution

This is a basic ending to your story.


Apply your plot to a linear time line to easily show a sequence of events.

Apply the details

Add clever twists and turns, flashbacks or linking of small detail in the beginning to the end of your story. (for example: the first conversation in the story links to the murder at end).

Write a basic synopsis of your plot


Check that your plot flows smoothly and logically, while remaining consistent to the rules and laws that you have created. : If your plot doesn't agree with you, you may even find yourself revising your plot during the writing process.

''These twelve points might help you in the creation of good story plot.''

NOTE: This is a moderate difficulty.