Feature Wishing Well

by Sethaniel

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Reposted from the original thread, a list of what your FWW post needs in order to avoid rejection:  

  1. Does it clearly state who it will benefit (readers, new members, authors, power users, etc.) and how it will benefit them?
  2. Does it thoroughly describe the mechanism in which it will work? I.e. how it would appear to a user, if it could "leverage" an existing feature (like, the notifications)
  3. How difficult will this be to implement?
  4. How important is this to implement relative to all the other things that can be done?
  5. Has this already been requested? If so, how is it different (if it's new) or why should it be reconsidered (if it's rejected)?
  6. Does the community think that it's a worthy idea?

Difficulty --- I would use the “obvious” test more than anything; before, there were some crazy ones like “allow me to make a video game inside my game that you have to pass first”.

Mechanism --- that’s mostly about making sure the idea is very clearly (and unambiguously) described from the users’ perspective. For example, don’t say “allow me to favorite a storygame” without saying “add a star icon (like this one I found [over here]) next  to the title on the storygame overview page, that lights up when a storygame is favorited, can be clicked to favorite/unfavorite a storygame. Then, under MyStuff, have a page that lists the storygames that were featured.”


A message from Alexp:

I don’t foresee having time in the near future to do any website changes… but sometimes I have a few hours and I want to try coding something again. So, it’s nice to have a list of things that are easy to implement and high-value. As an example, the “Does it thoroughly describe the mechanism in which it will work?” rule was huge ---- that’s where the @notifications came from. It’s been a “wish” since day one, but as soon as someone said “just use notifications like duels”, it was like “oh yeah, I could do that”.