Overcoming Writer's Block

by Fleshnblood_78

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Writer's Block is a writer's worst nightmare. However, letting it control you will only make it worse. You must overcome this adversary before you can become a great writer. But, keep in mind that even the greatest of writer's have writer's block hit them. Let's explore some of the reasons for getting Writer's Block, and how to over come them.

1. Fear of Failure- Most people hate to be criticized. Most people know that people will be cruel when there is no way to stop them. So most people fear the idea of making a game that will not be considered "Great", in the eyes of others.

The best way to overcome FOF is to just write. Writing for yourself is the most gratifying feeling. More than having the approval of everyone else, knowing that you put your full effort into a story is a great feeling. Just sit back and write about what you like and don't worry about the pessimists out there. Your work was done by you. If they think they can do better, let them try.

2. Fear of Finishing- Or should i say, Not finishing. Most people have a grand idea about writing the next LOTR. However, once starting such a massive idea, people find they can't finish it. This is very common and even hits the best of us.

The best way to overcome FONF, is to start small. Write about something that you know well. Some of the best games have a simple plot. Not to mention, just one setting. Just start with something that is simple and build from there. Another strategy is to make chapters in your games. Make each chapter a mini adventure. This way, you can make a much longer game without having to concern yourself with so many twists and turns.

3. Not having an idea- This is when you are having trouble knowing what you want to write. People find their mind blank and they dont know what to do.

This one is tough for me to accept. Everyone here is here for a reason. Cause you want to write. You came here with ideas and now you are saying you have none? I can't believe it. Ask yourself some simple questions to help you overcome your blank mind. How old were you when you first learned to drive a car? What was the reason for the last fight you had with your girlfriend? Think of some significant change in your life? Was it happy? Sad? Where do you live? Suburbs? The reason i ask those questions is simply cause I know that you can find something to write about. Just writing anything will help your mind grow accustomed to writing a story.

4. Your Idea is already done- It is rare, but sometimes someone beats you to an idea. Your idea is created by someone more experienced, or faster.

My opinion on this is simple. How many versions of Uno is there? How about RPS? How many different versions of Robin Hood are there? What i mean to say is this, if there is another game out there make a better one.

These are just a few reasons that Writer's Block plagues a persons mind. However, if you impliment the defense you will find that your writer's block is no match for your creativity. Good luck with your next project and happy writing.