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I'm a blind teenage girl. Most of my time here is spent reading stories or writing stupid things on the forums, but I sometimes write short stories and poems as well. English isn't my first language, so any feedback is welcome! Up for a duel anytime.
Feel free to visit My Mastodon profile.
Have a nice day, Mayana.

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  • SwitchingSocial, a list of easy to use but privacy friendly alternatives
  • PrivacyTools an even bigger collection of all sorts of privacy software, websites and guides
  • MyNoise, a collection of sound generators great for writing, relaxing or falling asleep
More to be added later.

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Story Rules on 4/19/2019 2:46:18 PM
Well, that's a given with any duel, it's just more likely with members who have more points. Besides, don't you want to prove just how lucky you are? Are you not brave?

Story Rules on 4/19/2019 2:38:05 PM
I doubt you have enough luck on your side. If you did, you would be able to click the accept button when I send you a duel. But, you poor unlucky thing, your finger seems to slip each time. :)

Story Rules on 4/19/2019 1:11:19 PM
For some reason a lot of kids decided to use this site as their own virtual litter box. Their stories pretty much always followed the same plot, were badly written, and sometimes included cat rape. Even when some of the members tried to point the mistakes out in a friendly way, these kittens got offended and called them all a bunch of haters. Clearly, these WC fans couldn't be trusted to write anything good, so it was best they weren't allowed to write at all.

Story Rules on 4/19/2019 1:04:14 PM
For violence and sex, check this fun article by EndMaster. There are no limits on length, except for the 20 page one you have to meet to publish a story. However, stories with a rating of 2.4 or less get unpublished, so most extremely short stories are soon killed that way.

Don't write outright porn, don't make your protagonist a pedophile or something of the sort and don't write about Warrior Cats. If you can follow those things, you'll probably be fine.

Characters you're just obsessed with? on 4/19/2019 12:21:45 PM
I don't have any constant casts of characters. I randomly think of some characters and a scenario one day, sometimes completely original, but often related to something I've read recently. I create and replay scenes with those characters for a few months, then discard them and move on to something else. There's just one story I've been building in my head for a longer amount of time, and even that's less than a year. They're all the sort of ideas that are too dumb to actually write, just scenes and details I make up when I'm bored, or lying in bed when I really should be sleeping instead. But hey, I get the desire to write something so rarely that it's no surprise I apparently have the brain of a disgusting "normal" person. :)

request thread on 4/17/2019 12:22:33 PM
I really hope you meant Indiana Jones or someone else instead. Reading about Alex Jones doesn't sound particularly enjoyable.

Great job Paris! on 4/16/2019 3:22:38 PM
Yes! Burn it all! Religion is evil! God is dead! Burn the churches, kill the priest, indoctrinate the children! Just joking, if it wasn't obvious. It's always a shame when something so important is lost for ever. 850 years is impressive, but I'm sure it could've stayed with us for much longer if some retard wasn't so careless. But at least most of the stuff inside was rescued, that's good. I'm glad everyone is safe though. That's the most important thing.

Understanding manga on 4/16/2019 3:13:51 PM
You don't. It's bad for you. Go read Eternal.

Corgi's Unofficial Contest: The Lords of the Land on 4/16/2019 11:04:45 AM
It's OK. Our intelligent and beautiful lady Mizal does that often too. So then, it surely can't be a bad thing.

Um...Hi! on 4/15/2019 11:41:38 PM
Ok Prussen, I guess I can forgive you for having something against blind people, but ... is this personal attack really necessary? Sure, I guess I do sometimes test the intelligence of the newbies, to make sure if they deserve to stay. But ... I'm still nice! :) Hey new person, welcome to CYS! I see you've already started working on a story, wonderful! Just a warning, use items only if they're really necessary to the game. Even with stat pages, it's usually better to use some scripting to make a button, just like Avery did in Price of Freedom. Take your time, there's no rush. And proofread, no excuses! Badly written stories get unpublished, so make sure yours isn't one of them. Remember, don't be an idiot and have fun! If you have any questions, just tag EndMaster. He's very busy, but if you do it 3 times, I'm sure he'll notice you.