Be a NASCAR Driver

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You watch NASCAR on TV, and go to the races, but now, be one in this adventurer

Player Comments

The premise that's here isn’t bad at all. You begin as an upstart rookie that has to choose a team, and then you go through the professional/personal issues of having a boss that you don't exactly start on the best of standings with.

All of that is not dull, but rather interesting on paper. However, I would say that the execution of these ideas aren't the best. The writing isn't the worst I've seen, but there aren't much words that are placed in each page for things to truly feel fleshed out as I've played. That was my opinion, but I did enjoy the races themselves. I don't know much about racing, but the actual competition part was fun, although a bit linear to say the least.

What I feel holds this story back is that some of the choices can end the game rather abruptly, and while that's not something that I personally have issues with, these abrupt endings are rather unsatisfying. It's unsatisfying in the sense that it follows a common aspect of this story in that things aren't ever really expanded on. The whole goal is to be an adventure in the sense that you're making a go at becoming a NASCAR driver, but it feels a bit half-baked.

I won't say that there isn't any potential in this story-game, as it does certain things right in the sense that the story definitely improves when the practice runs, interviews, or parties are over, depending on which the reader may choose. When I was actually racing, that was when the story felt at its most exciting for me. If that aspect was the one that had more emphasis placed on it, and if the other parts still remained but were more fleshed out, this would be a stronger story I feel.

However, I would say the absence of me not having much more to gripe about when it comes to this story, is reason enough that I can at least say it's not bad.

This isn't bad for someone to fill their time with both playing and reading it.
-- TharaApples on 2/28/2021 2:47:03 AM with a score of 0
Interesting idea for a story, I’m curious to see where this will go…

Whew, no pressure at the start, starting out as a rookie in Daytona! I was intrigued by the choices on the very first page, but disappointed when those choices led to, well, nothing. I had a choice, but the choices forced me quite quacking in the single, same path. The same thing happens on the next page, except when I choose the wrong choices, the game ends. So this is really looking like a single story with no options except death. Sometimes the choose-or-die paths can work, but they really should be limited, and if you’re going to include a lot of death endings, it is helpful (and more reasonable) to include some kind of clue in the story to let the reader know what’s going to happen and which choices are going to be instant death.

In the next section, I was hoping that the choices were starting to have an effect. There was certainly a good deal of potential there with the different events potentially affecting my starting position in the big race. In fact in one spot one of my choices actually told me that I was going to be starting in second, but when I got to the race, it said I was starting in fourth. Then, as the story continued again, it gave me more options that were the right option or death. The only place that appeared to be different was at the very end when one choice gave me second and the other gave me first.

Overall, this was a neat game with lots and lots of potential. I think this really could be developed quite a bit more by any author who needs some ideas. There could be a number of different options that could help determine not just your starting place in the big race, but also how well you do and how your choices work. For example, a fight with the other driver might lead to him cutting you off in the main race, while being nice to him might make that not happen.

It was a nice short adventure with some good details in it, thank you for sharing it with the site.
-- Ogre11 on 6/23/2018 9:48:27 PM with a score of 0
Linear at the beginning and not very well written, but pretty funny. 3/8.
-- 325boy on 10/18/2020 12:02:07 AM with a score of 0
Short but nice
-- Nicholas Passen on 5/13/2019 11:19:29 AM with a score of 0
Overall, it's ok
-- MusicalNerd7 on 6/5/2018 9:31:59 AM with a score of 0
it was decent it seemed repetitive tough
-- jayphin101 on 3/8/2018 11:54:48 AM with a score of 0
Definetly worth playing and I always love to play a good sports story so nice contribution to the website.
-- Robin8 on 7/10/2017 12:38:58 AM with a score of 0
you need to be more specific about the player and the car race and some background details
-- deadshot117 on 11/14/2016 8:50:10 AM with a score of 0
Not exactly something that puts you in the place of the driver, it's sort of like playing a video game. You know you're racing but you don't feel the adrenaline rush of an actual race.
-- link8227 on 10/27/2016 12:47:41 PM with a score of 0
ummmm... good... i guess...
-- thebigE on 4/23/2016 7:14:53 PM with a score of 0
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