a Horror by Loon

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Story Difficulty4/8

"march in the swamp"

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"I'll need to see some identification"
Some material may be inappropriate for persons under age 16. If this were a movie, it would probably between PG-13 and R.

So I had this amazing idea, see? I'm pioneering this new genre of storygame. I call it the "zombie game." It involves playing as a "survivor" trying to protect yourself in a world filled with "zombies." I know, it's a new and radical idea; but try it, you might like it.

Updated on June 29, 2012: fixed some typos and added some more content. It's now a complete game of its own, and does not demand a sequel as it did before the update.

Player Comments

The potential is certainly there... Well written with perfect spelling and grammar, but somewhat lacking in a relatable character and not exactly realistic (as reListic as a zombie apocalypse can be, mind you). A few more choices and increase in length would have been nice.

All in all it was amusing and structured well. There are definitely worse stories out there.
-- Starky on 4/14/2015 8:04:08 PM with a score of 0
Very funny, I haven't laughed at a story on here for quite some time. It was really quite linear though, I noted a lot of missed opportunities for developing choices in what you could do. I found that a lot of decisions were forced upon the reader, whether they wanted to do that or not, but this was a really enjoyable game anyway so try it out.
-- SkyTenshi on 11/20/2014 5:03:58 AM with a score of 0
pretty good
-- zombiereaderlegend on 8/17/2020 11:01:37 AM with a score of 0
So I died by eating my own foot, wow. I didn’t even have a choice
-- Foot Eater on 3/3/2020 1:48:43 AM with a score of 0
is gut
-- Pancake the Eviscerator on 1/27/2020 1:43:24 PM with a score of 0
insanely short, canada> home depot> keep going> kill zombie stop car> epilogue> done.
-- tatumistired on 11/7/2019 3:17:38 PM with a score of 0
the level 3 cast of inter*** was great
-- Zach Horn on 10/4/2019 6:08:21 PM with a score of 0
COOL BEATH BROHER plz produth more of thith
-- Zach Horn on 10/4/2019 5:57:50 PM with a score of 0
-- Zarlox on 9/13/2019 9:30:48 AM with a score of 0
Oh boy. A zombie game. What a unique idea. You know, I’ve never understood this fascination with zombies that has swept the entire world. I really don’t get it. But that’s okay, because I like a good story and I like reading stories, so I’ll check out this “new and radical idea” of yours…

It is an interesting start for a story with the narrator breaking the fourth wall to start out in the first paragraph. That does really set up the entire story and how the reader will view the story. It also places the story with me, the reader, as the main character. Then it names me. It is an interesting setup, but can be difficult to pull off. Many readers here prefer to either be fully immersed in the story as the main character, in which case you can’t know my name; or they prefer to jump into a story to read about someone else and their adventures – which you cannot do when you’re setting up the point of view as “you.”

There are some decent descriptions in the story. Some could be expanded a bit more. I liked, for example, when the car was described in a little detail. But at the same time, other aspects of what is going on, the area around, and just the setting in general could probably be expanded a bit more. The continual commentary from the narrator was a little annoying, but also a little entertaining, so I’m not sure what to suggest there.

The story did go a bit downhill when I tried to syphon the gas from the car. I’m not really sure what happened with the author there. This is another where it feels like there was a lot of energy, work, and time put into the story at first, but as the pages got on to the later parts of the story, the author just sort of ran out of energy and slapped up a few pages to end it. The weak, scattered references to naked chicks and tits were just enough to really pull this story down to reaching the point of not that good. Oh, the story has potential, it has good ideas, and I think it just needs a bit more effort to really end up in a great place. Thank you for sharing the story with the site.
-- Ogre11 on 6/6/2019 12:30:47 PM with a score of 0
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