Get To Work, Squarepants!

Player Rating3.36/8

"#503 overall, #73 for 2013"
based on 169 ratings since 03/27/2013
played 1,671 times (finished 174)

Story Difficulty5/8

"run through the jungle"

Play Length4/8

"A well spent lunch break"

Maturity Level1/8

"appropriate for all ages"
Stories with this maturity level will not, by design, have any potentially objectionable content. An example of a type story with this rating would be a quiz on mathematics.



In this story, you are a sponge. A very happy sponge.
You've been late to work too many times. Old man Krabs said if you're late one more time, YOU'RE FIRED.

You job is to get to work on time without any distractions.

Good luck!

Player Comments

I think this game was kind of average, but it was amusing. The writing was okay, albeit kind of dull. I liked the pictures. The choices were tempting enough, and interesting, although I didn't get one thing; why did Spongebob decide to avoid all of the shananigans, only to later help Sandy? I guess it helped with the story, because you would have to say 'no' to a close friend, but still.

In the end we have a slightly amusing story with average writing. The main thing I would suggest here is to continue to practice your writing skills.

It was alright. 4/8.
-- FazzTheMan on 12/31/2014 10:48:17 PM with a score of 0
Pretty easy. I made it to work first try.. didn't notice any distractions or anything. Of course I'm going to feed Gary.
-- Bob on 2/16/2019 3:11:19 AM with a score of 0
Not bad
-- MusicalNerd7 on 11/29/2018 8:13:18 AM with a score of 0
-- igiuLx on 8/16/2018 11:52:28 AM with a score of 0
Oh yay I made it.
And only suffered a mental breakdown.
-- HelloThere895 on 6/29/2018 2:14:50 PM with a score of 0
What was that? I fed my snail and left the house, ready to start the main part of the storygame, and it just ended? Was this just the intro?
-- Saika on 8/16/2017 9:12:51 AM with a score of 0
good but it needs to be longer
-- JasonX on 6/17/2017 5:12:25 AM with a score of 0
I liked it. It's just a shame that the spatula and rake image wasn't a spongebob drawing.
-- Yuisawachelsa on 12/28/2016 5:10:21 AM with a score of 0
Amusing. It's a cute little story for kids. The writing, however, needs some work :)
-- ilovecandy2223 on 9/17/2016 10:32:58 AM with a score of 0
you need to give us more choices and make it longer
-- Destiny turner on 8/13/2016 2:10:58 PM with a score of 0
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