How to create good website?

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Money should always be a secondary goal. And surprisingly so, when you think about it this way, you put more focus into the quality of the work you are producing. Incidentally, when that happens, your website will naturally attract more visitors. And guess what? The more traffic your website can attract, the more money you are going to make.

On the other hand, when you focus on how much money your website is making, not only the quality of your website will suffer, but also your ability to enjoy what you are doing. So if you want to do good educational website you need to use a relevant content, but if you want to create an essay writing service you need to write some articles for website, where students can read about your services and about how to buy it. Don’t count every penny you think your website is capable of generating in passive income – you will only get frustrated by the dynamic nature of website traffic. Instead, focus on improving the quality of your work.

When I start a new website, I envision my website as being full of categories on various sub-topics of the subjects I have chosen. For example the subject of this website is. . . well, making websites. My goal is to write a number of articles about as many related subjects as possible. I want to exhaust my own knowledge of making websites (if that’s possible) and put it into written word so others can learn from it.

The subjects come from keyword research using the Google Keyword tool. But sometimes a subject is so obvious that I have to write about it without looking up how popular it is. Sometimes it is surprising that pages written on such subjects end up being the ones generating the most traffic, simply because you have put your effort and passion into. When this happens, people are much more likely to sense that and link back to your site.

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