How well do you know your British-English?

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"march in the swamp"

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This is to test how well you know British-English! I've been studying British-English.

Let me know if there's any problem ;)

Player Comments

A fun little quiz
-- Agstand on 8/12/2017 6:44:19 AM with a score of 0
An enjoyable quiz however Headmaster/misstress was not a choice,causing me to answer sir. I had never heard of Head Teacher, although I'm sure you are correct. I give kudos for even thinking of the subject matter.
-- Weinerpuppy on 8/11/2017 9:05:05 AM with a score of 0
what a beaut
-- squip on 8/7/2017 3:16:54 PM with a score of 0
I knew some of these, certainly not close to all though. I'm American.
-- SacredDonut on 7/30/2017 7:28:14 PM with a score of 0
Ahaha I'm Canadian, so I might've had a slight advantage.
-- B___ on 7/28/2017 5:36:18 PM with a score of 0
I approve. However, in the Motherland we use both 'practice' and 'practise' depending on the context. 'Practise' is the verb, and 'practice' is some sort of clinic.
3/8 for a pretty straight forward quiz.
-- AzBaz on 7/16/2017 11:54:03 AM with a score of 0
Good quiz, keep at it! Just a tip: a 'flat' is an individual apartment, not a building. That's called a block of flats.
-- Greg on 7/12/2017 7:10:29 AM with a score of 0
The quiz was fun. I would have liked to see a score at the end.
-- ahkian on 6/30/2017 12:47:11 AM with a score of 0
Not a bad quiz and for some reason I seemed to do rather well :) Minor point: we don't call baseball "bat and ball" in British English, on the rare occasion British people refer to that obscure children's game we call it "baseball". It is more common to call a backpack "a backpack" than "a rucksack" though, overall I would rate this story-game as spiffing cor blimey governor what ho haw haw haw etc :)
-- Will11 on 6/28/2017 3:21:27 AM with a score of 0
Well, it was an interesting to me at least. Still, it's hard to make a quiz that ends up higher than a 4/8. If you want to see some really good ones, check out Bucky's state capital quiz and BerkaZerka's Chuck Norris quiz. :)
-- WouldntItBeNice on 6/27/2017 9:49:27 PM with a score of 0
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