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CYS Book Club? on 4/7/2021 7:33:29 AM
Back in my old job I lent a guy my DVD of plague dogs, but I did warn him I'd not let his little kid watch it. He stuck it on for the kid and went to have a shower then later his wife came storming in yelling at him about it. He didn't find the situation as funny when I laughed about it. Perhaps I watched too much cartoon bunny death as a kid.

CYS Book Club? on 4/6/2021 5:49:34 PM
Oh I sadly did and I can't express enough how much i hated it! Original was much better.

CYS Book Club? on 4/6/2021 12:45:17 PM
I didn't read books as a kid but I did use to watch the cartoon movie most weekends on video tape. I've got it on DVD now and still watch it from time to time.

More Site News on 4/3/2021 8:10:02 PM
Thank you, and thank you Malk.

More Site News on 4/3/2021 7:10:59 PM
Happy Birthday

Ridicule the Noobs on 4/3/2021 9:12:14 AM
They heard the shouting cries from the noob crèche, like the sound an inbred dying cat might make, as the apparent self appointed not so glorious noob leader announced their not so great plans for war. As the armies gathered on the battle field, one greatly eclipsing the other, Valladar watched from the comfort of their home peering threw binoculars popcorn bucket in hand. This is going to be hilarious they thought. Unfortunately the house being in a different time zone than many in the kingdom they fell asleep and missed most of the good bits, but they were able to read of the events in the morning, and they were right it had been hilarious. After making their first couple of quick trips outside the house since moving to the kingdom CYStia with no disasters they decided as a noob them selves it was time to pay their respects to the fallen losers of this not so great war. The unsurprising victors had long left the field and returned to normal life although the laughing could still be heard throughout the streets on occasion. Accompanied by a pair of Vicking bred Corgi wolves the trio make their way across the field noticing how little destruction there was. Wow this must of been quick they thought. Finally approaching a small pile of ash the only remains of the former not so glorious noob leader they stop and stand for a moment. "Well dogs pay your respects" they command their short companions who precede to claim the ash as their new favourite toilet area. As new steam gently rises from the cold ash pile the trio retreat back to their home. Long live the mods! Glory to CYStia!

Hello & Duels on 4/2/2021 3:32:48 AM
Thank you. Pointless duels to risk your pointless points

Hello & Duels on 4/2/2021 3:31:20 AM
Thanks mate

CYS Book Club? on 4/2/2021 3:26:18 AM
Mmmm cupcakes! Will have to look up Go Set A Watchman

CYS Book Club? on 4/1/2021 6:13:45 PM
Room for a latecomer? My first time reading it and all I knew about it before hand was that it wasn't about killing birds. It took me a little while to get into the story at the start, but i kept going and I'm glad I did as I liked it. I didn't expect the Boo Radley character to end up saving the kids in the end that was a nice surprise. I found the trial and how that was affecting everything interesting. Despite the story making it clear Tom was going to get a raw deal I still found myself saying "WTF come on!" to the verdict.