One Snowy Day

Player Rating2.90/8

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Story Difficulty1/8

"no possible way to lose"

Play Length3/8

"A nice jog down the driveway"

Maturity Level1/8

"appropriate for all ages"
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Just a little gift for my friend. Don't mind me.

Player Comments

Lol. I can't believe I bothered to go through this game like 20 times and copy/paste the link at the end in my browser. I must be really bored.
Anyway, if this is a game for your friend, well, that explains why it doesn't make much sense. Kept me entertained, apparently though.
-- crazygurl on 6/14/2017 9:50:38 PM
Interesting and different, but I think you could have extended the story a little more. The story ends just as soon as you catch the reader's interest.
-- Bucky on 1/13/2016 3:55:08 PM
That was interesting, if for no other reason than because I picked the 2nd ending first and my name is Sarah, so... Creepy. ^_^
Besides that, the writing is good, but all the different paths seemed to lead to a beginning of a story rather than an ending. Better to start off with one origin for a character that branches off in different directions than several different character origins that don't lead anywhere.
-- Briar_Rose on 1/3/2016 8:59:38 AM
The link for the password "prize" dose not work.
-- dragon396 on 12/31/2015 3:30:22 PM
I don't know what that was. If it was a gift to your friend, perhaps it contains in-jokes I don't understand. Anyway, I'm confused.
-- Steve24833 on 12/30/2015 4:09:43 PM
-- FazzTheMan on 12/29/2015 2:23:34 AM
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