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Hi, I'm Steve. Feel free to check out my games listed down below. Probably best to avoid my recent posts seeing as they're almost certainly me yelling at and arguing with children on the internet. I also write a little series called Council of Nine about a fictionalized version of the site in a fantasy setting, and try to occasionally toss something to the overworked Will11 for the Weekly Review, the site's newspaper.

Anyhow, read my shit, or yell at me, or search through my points to see what I've done if you're weird and value that as a use of your time.



"STEVE is the cause of my anger." The Final Brennon

"Steve is a loudmouthed piece of dogshit but we should pity him, life must not be easy for an inbred ginger freak who has to lash out on an internet forum whenever the constant wanking while crying with repressed Catholic guilt because be can't decide whether he likes dicks or tits (because his sister has both) all just becomes too much. His writing is shittier than anyone will admit and I hate him more than anyone in this site." Mizal.

"He's a half-fag degenerate who hates America." Endmaster

"People who quote themselves are retards." Steve24833

"Steve is degenerate filth and an embarrassment to the human race." Axiom

"Steve is undialectical trash and belongs in a gulag." Malkalack

"Steve has made me question every belief I have held up until now about the inherent goodness of people." Will11

"Steve, you have a puny brain and the attention span of a retarded child." JJJ-thebanisher

"You are disgusting." Sicarius, not liking my love of cock and vagina

"Here you are, throwing insults like a toddler with a dictionary." RoyalGhost_007

"You might be (the greatest writer of all motherfucking time)." Mayana

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Featured Story Achilles

Take control of General Achilles, a human General trying to lead the human fleet to prosperity through politics and military means, while dealing with keeping humanity and it's allies together, dealing with a barbaric race of raiders and a powerful alien alliance. Will humanity crush it's enemies under it's boots? Will you form a peaceful coalition between all species? Or will you become humanity's downfall?

This is my first game, which I made with the help of Steve24833. I really hope you enjoy it. Please comment on any bugs, mistakes or other screw-ups I made. 

Hey, the sequel's here, Achilles II: The Chykri. Enjoy it!

Achilles II: The Chykri

Play as Achilles, the leader of the new Coalition of humans, aliens and machines, to combat a new threat: The Chykri. Attempt to keep the Coalition together and fight not only to win, but to survive.

This is a sequel to our previous game, Achilles. We hope you enjoy it. Please rate and comment. Unless you don't like it, in which case just grumble to yourself about how this one isn't as good as the first. Thanks.

EDIT: Had to do some light work. Changed it so surrendering to Chykri grants alternative final chapter instead of sending back to start, checked grammar, changed a few more mistakes. Please message me or Steve if you find any bugs.

Among the Trees

Take control of Jacob, a young settler in New England in the late 17th Century. A tale of romance, horror and strange supernatural creatures awaits you in the odd and interesting woods that surround your home.

Well, this is just a short little romance-horror thing I made in three days to distract me from other projects. I hope you enjoy!


Take control of Samuel, a young man thrust into a world of bloodthirsty creatures of the night, howling beasts cursed by the moon, horrifying demons and worse.

This is our entry for Bucky's 2016 Halloween Contest. Enjoy!


Take control of a teenager moving to Dawnwood, a boring town deep in the south in the middle of nowhere. Still, the town holds many deep and dark secrets, many of which you will uncover soon...

Featured Story Fear the Psyker

Take control of Karth, a child with incredible powers born into a simple tribe on a feral world, as your life is torn apart by the arrival of the forces of Chaos. Fall into line as an obedient-slave soldier and fulfil your role as a trained killer, rise up against beings of pure hate and malice to try gain your freedom, or simply try to survive in a galaxy of horrors.

Well, I tried to write a Fanfiction based on Warhammer 40'000. If you're not familar with the series, don't worry, you don't need to be to play this. I hope you enjoy!


Take control of a young, aggressive Orc named Mazkil, of the Tribe the Red Blades, in his attempt to make his way in the world. Become an honored Chieftain of your tribe or become a feared Soldier for the Kingdom of Man.

Please comment and rate, tell me if you find any bugs. Enjoy!

Featured Story Prometheus Academy

Take control of Mia, a student at Prometheus Academy, a school designed for creating super-soldiers, trained killers, unstoppable super-humans, skilled secret agents and above all, super-villains, and get revenge against the Crimson Cape, a super who's taken everything from you. 

This is the winner of the 2016 School-based Contest, so yay! Thanks to all who voted. I hope you all enjoy it.


There is a prophecy that one day, the barrier between reality and that which lies beyond will weaken. That day the great Mol'Chu will come forth, for it has its infinite eyes set upon this realm. It will drive all creatures to the realms of insanity and torment. However, the prophecy also tells of a great hero who will rise up, and the fate of the world will lie in his hands.

You are not that hero. You are a Ratling, your blood as weak as can be, your lineage one of thieves and cowards. Still, with your path there's a chance for betterment. You might be able to lift yourself up and find yourself some power in this world. Power you will wield. 

Thanks to WouldntItBeNice for beta-reading this, they were a great help. This is my longest storygame so far and I've decided to delve into some fantasy again. Anyhow, I hope you all enjoy!

The Only Lights in the Darkness are Flames

Take control of four members of SWAT in Tijuana raid a large, ancient mansion inhabited by the Espada de Dios, a Satanist cult that's kidnapped several people. Switch between these members as they stumble upon a horrific scene of horror, gore and perhaps something much worse...

This is my second horror story, a short little game I made just to help with Writers' Block on my larger games. Thanks to MasonJarGuzzi for proofreading. Enjoy!

Featured Story The Path of Death

Take control of Dagden, a small Orc child taken from his family and taken prisoner in Reaper Castle under the control of the Grand Necromancer, before making friends with his daughter Blaise and choosing how to make your mark in the world.

This is my spin-off to Mazkil, except better, longer and with more things you like and less things you don't like, whatever they may be. Somehow, I've appealed to everyone! I'd like to thank the wonderful Mizal for beta-reading and helping me sort through this storygame and make it readable, she was a fantastic help. Please rate, comment and tell me if you find any bugs. Thanks, and enjoy!

The Nightmare Realm

Take control of James, a young boy who has suffered from horrific nightmares all his life that seem to be far more real than anyone else thinks, their effects seeping into the real world as your entire life becomes a nightmare. Try to stay sane throughout your miserable existence, while trying to end this curse and find some way to stop this hell.

Recent Posts

Nazi Scum Thread on 8/4/2017 2:36:18 PM

I'm too busy ensuring the education of the future through teaching children valuable skills for the post-apocalypse to write much. I only have time for hate-filled arguments which aren't boring at all to me, and since I'm the only person here who matters, it's golden.

Nazi Scum Thread on 8/4/2017 9:00:57 AM

Yes, because you'll totally do shit towards your cause outside of complain on the internet rather than just whine and then go back to enjoying the luxuries of the Capitalist system.

Nazi Scum Thread on 8/4/2017 8:57:30 AM

Unless of course you're giving the orders to work against the people, in which case you will be venerated by idiots who don't understand the ideology they spout.

Nazi Scum Thread on 8/3/2017 2:30:30 PM

The Stalin apologist doesn't like Nazis. Shocker.

Nazi Scum Thread on 8/2/2017 5:40:50 PM

This seems like classic leftist propaganda. Groning definitely never kept track of currency stolen from the Jews, gypsies, Slavs and other groups. The Jews, sure, but Gypsies and Slavs don't have currency. 

Actually, in response to all the Neo-Nazis I've seen about, I'll shift from joking to just echoing Malk's "Fuck the Nazis" with the added proviso of "Bar the handful of good ones".

The Killing Joke on 8/2/2017 12:39:35 PM

It's an exaggeration for effect, yeah. If a forty year old said "I've been a builder my whole life", you wouldn't bitch that he certainly wasn't a builder until at least 15. If you're going to be pretentious, "a considerable amount of time", then. The point is, he hunted the whale for a fair bit of time and is obsessed with it. Ah, misunderstood your point on meds not being relative to trauma. No, pre-existing conditions aren't relative to trauma because they're not the cause. But "Here's Joker!" was never mentioned to have any pre-existing mental conditions, he seemed to be a relatively normal criminal in most degrees. Sure, he was no doubt violent and sociopathic, but it's a big step from "I want power in the mob community" to "I want to kill everyone by forcing them to smile with poison gas! Haha!", which yes, is a pretty huge step in sanity. The guy in the Telltale Heart had hallucinations, and that was the main thing about his mental issues. He didn't hear the dead fucker's heart beating and think "I need to eat all the hearts in the world!". He was still focused on what he wanted. Hallucinations wouldn't turn a normal guy's motives from normal to "Let's kill people, topple society and do it with a smile!" 

And again, you know Ledger Joker has a background he's rebelling against. We don't need something physically showed to us to know he's thrown away his past life, as at the very least we know he's thrown away his human morals and the societal structure that everyone's grown up with. His background is irrelevant to him now as you yourself said it should be. Why waste time with something that's irrelevant? He is what he is now, utterly disconnected from his past humanity. Showing said past humanity is not only irrelevant, but takes away from this image. It adds nothing to the Joker's character, as it, as you said, doesn't matter to his character. What he was means nothing to what he is now. The Joker's shtick sure isn't just chaos, there's far more to it than that. He wants to make it clear that these grand ideas of justice and society don't matter in the end, and when it comes to it we're still happy to kill each other to save our own necks, to throw away order and return to the animals he knows we are. That's not just "Chaos". He burns the money because it's useless, it's only value being based in the society he detests. He let's Two Face offer to shoot him not because he doesn't care, but because Two Face has done what the Joker wanted, tossing away morals or structure and just admitting that society's dead and it's all just down to chance. You, at the very least, pulled your ideas about "Here's Joker!" out of your ass seeing as you misunderstood his origins until I explained that to you, and Ledger Joker you also didn't seem to get.

Yes, passed on through sex, without a doubt. Emotions never come into it. The relationship between Jay and Paul wasn't done through deception, yet that's never shown as changing it. The reason most of the sex is deceptive is because yes, you're trying to get rid of the curse. There's nothing even hinting that emotional, loving sex would've done anything. There's nothing to hint that the creature has watchers, it seems to just have a supernatural knowledge of where its target is. There were no watchers at that abandoned place where Jay first encountered it, yet it showed up, so clearly it just knows where they are rather than having some bizarre system of watchers. It's supernatural, not using watchers. Fuck it, how would watchers even know what what her father looks like? He's not around, and I presume he's dead. Either way, we've moved off the basic point, which is that the characters were stupid, which given that the actions you found stupid was "Trying to kill the creature" and perhaps even succeeding in that, is ridiculous.

Summer Slam Bragging & Bitching thread on 8/2/2017 11:34:56 AM

Wha....?!? Royal Ghost's not going to finish a story? Heavens, who would've thought of it!

The Killing Joke on 8/2/2017 9:17:24 AM

Well yeah, obviously kid Ahab wasn't fucking around with Moby. "His whole life" was an exaggeration for effect. I feel you're just being pretentious now and trying to point out things I've got wrong after I showed how much of a twat you were with "Here's Joker!". But still, his level of insanity was absolutely relative. It was "Obsession with this thing I can never kill" after continuously failing to kill it. That makes sense. If he had started skinning people, we'd go "Fuck me, what's gone on there?" We never saw "Here's Joker!" take Meds or talk about taking meds or anything like that, we were shown a perfectly normal guy who went insane just after the chemicals. It's sure a bit ridiculous to say that coincided with these mysterious meds he was taking stopping working. Plus, hallucinations and brain damage don't really help, as there's never any indication there's any more damage than superficial, and while there's endless articles about people going through psychosis, that's not what the Joker had. He didn't just go bonkers, he began to mastermind and plot insane ideas that still regarded a great deal of understanding of the world.

So the background doesn't add anything to you, and it takes away from the mystery of what drove him mad, but you're still arguing for it because...? We already know he must've had a childhood once, so we already know he's turned around and disregarded it. By showing it, all that would do is give him an unsatisfying origin story and kill how cool his lying would be. The fact that he repeatedly tells different stories and lies about it, and the fact that it shows how untrustworthy and cut off from reality he is to the degree that even the viewer doesn't even know the truth. Having him always be chaotic is just as mad, as you still kill both the mystery and the uncertainty of his character, you just replace it with "Nothing happened, he just IS that mad", which is as unsatisfying as any explanation. You really didn't seem to get his shtick as you just said there's no point to him and that is the point, where in fact there quite clearly was a basis and motivations for his every action, which were pretty much the same as they were in the Killing Joke without a need to spell out for the audience that he once was human. You've said what would be interesting is him disregarding his origins, which is given to such a degree that even we the viewer don't get to find them out. Adding origins just takes away from the thing you just asked for, as his origins are no longer so disregarded that we don't even need to see them as they'd be irrelevant. The Joker having abandoned and turned on his past is already implied and he's a much more interesting character because of that, what you're asking is just to have it spelled out for you because you want to learn about things you specifiy shouldn't matter to him or add anything, because you need a specific example to have been disregarded. Fuck it, if you do, you could just assume one of the scar stories he tells is it.

And again, it's left uncertain that they stopped it. They might've. They don't know. It was never stated that it's done through emotionally irresponsible sex, and nothing like that was ever even hinted, as nothing seems to change when she does it with the guy she likes and the movie never says anything even close to that helped, instead showing that if the creature wasn't dead, he'd have it then even though he did do it, so he went to the prostitutes after. So yeah, it seems you've just pulled it out of your ass, as nothing like that is ever suggested. There's especially nothing to suggest the thing following them was another creature: they didn't know what it was. They didn't know if it was dead, if that was the creature, or if that was just some random person. I'm half wondering if you've watched another movie where you're coming up with ideas like "It was the lack of commitment in sex" and "There was another creature that stalked targets", and once again just didn't get the movie like the previous two.

The Killing Joke on 8/2/2017 8:50:58 AM

Saw the movie, it annoyed me. 1. Batgirl's character doesn't even die, so it's not like she'll have no character development. 2. It's completely irrelevant and out of tone. It goes from "Does he like me? Ah, woman troubles with my gay best friend" to "Aren't we all just insane? All it takes is one bad day".

The Killing Joke on 8/2/2017 8:49:13 AM

Oh, that reminds me, while not a comic, the Suicide Squad animated movie was really, really good in comparison to the other one, and you guys should watch that. Anyhow, will do, probably. It's also quite likely I'll get distracted and forget this exchange ever took place.