Suzy's Strange Saga

a Modern Adventure by EndMaster

Commended by EndMaster on 7/28/2019 5:03:04 AM

Player Rating7.06/8

"#17 overall, #2 for 2015"
based on 461 ratings since 04/24/2015
played 29,445 times (finished 765)

Story Difficulty8/8

"mosie through a minefield"

Play Length8/8

"Even light has to break at the rest stop"

Maturity Level7/8

"anything goes"
Some material may be inappropriate for persons under age 18. If this were a movie, it would probably be R.

Things would be so much easier if your name was Mary Sue

Additional notes:

This story is a fully self contained one and can easily be read on its own, however it also acts as:

A direct sequel to the "Good Girl" short story in Tales From The Basement.

A semi sequel to the other TFTB short stories, Repression, TRASH, Love SICK and Geek.

A semi prequel to Ground Zero.

As with any of my writings, the story comes before the game. However while there isn't a complex inventory and all of that, you can still "win" by getting one of the epilogues.

There are 16 epilogues total.

Player Comments

Interesting to say the very least, surprising also, and as always well written. And I think I would still recommend it even if some would find the material, subject matter or the story progression/choices available objectionable. That doesn’t take away from how well developed it is as a story as an experience, even if it was quite shocking or oddly paced and outright absurd to begin with, it is more than makes up for any possible shortcomings in its progression by being radically engaging and deeply emotive by the end where all characters are beginning to draw you in no matter their affiliation and how you’ve felt about them in the earlier stages.

Also and oddly enough, it seems there’s a pattern developing, for me at least, that with the choices I seem to take as most common in my perception of things, I always seem to end up with the Epilogue 12 as my first outcome...
Thanks EM for all your work, glad to see you’re still in the bard’s business

Apologies for any run on sentences, it’s my all time crippling flaw...
-- Almaz on 6/28/2018 10:31:19 AM with a score of 0
This was fucking epic. Epilogue 16 just left me feeling completely baffled - but I can't state why without revealing spoilers. I'm normally not really into these kind of 'wacky' stories but this was definitely an exception. I managed to spot a few grammatical errors but that ultimately didn't detract from the story. My only complaint is that in some instances, instead of organised paragraphs, I had to read through giant walls of text which wasn't really pleasant on the eyes - but again, that wasn't really a major issue. I also loved the references to many of your other stories and how smartly integrated they were.

I gave this a 7/8. Great work.
-- Xiro on 4/30/2015 8:48:25 AM with a score of 0
Ye have truly outdone yourself this time, My Friend! Without a doubt this is better than both Ground Zero & The Order of the Midnight Sun combined (that's saying quite a lot considering those are two of the best storygames on here as far as i'm concerned)!

To name a few of the good points (though there's far too many to name):

Descriptions & Background are very impressive & help the reader to relate to the characters & helps the reader fully feel like the they are the main character.

Storyline & Plot are greatly done & all while reading through, it became just like "a great book ye become captivated by & don't want to put down" & had me hungry for more with each page I read!

The Length was also very well done- not too long & progressed quickly enough to make it feel more like reality itself than just a story.

The ONLY bad point I saw (which is hilarious since it is so tiny):
Only one misspelled word in the entire storygame- ye spelled the word glorious as glourius (which most i'm sure either didn't catch or didn't worry about).

I rated it an 8 (I would rate higher if it were possible to do so).

Overall: Ye have a truly amazing & awe-inspiring storygame here that could easily become a legend! It is inconceivable how ye could ever make a storygame to be better than this one, if even just to rival its greatness! Keep up the incredible work, My Friend!
-- bearclaw01234 on 4/29/2015 3:16:18 PM with a score of 0
I loved this story. I liked it so much that I plan to replay it a few times to see what other endings I can get. I got a couple really dark and morbid ones, which the depraved side of me really enjoyed, and then I got a really sweet one. I really want to see how many other ways the story can end, and I plan to come back to this story repeatedly to see what else might happen. I'm really starting to become a fan of Endmaster's work.
-- angelbears310 on 8/8/2020 2:16:45 AM with a score of 0
EndMaster, you never cease to amaze! Loved it
-- Moonyasnow on 10/30/2019 10:22:30 AM with a score of 0
I've been a huge fan of your work for years, now, and this is just another stunning entry. All the different branching pathways can be complicated to pull off, but somehow, Suzy's Strange Saga does it effortlessly, and with other cameos and mentions from the Endverse thrown in to boot. 8/8.
-- ThePraetorian on 7/13/2019 8:46:43 PM with a score of 0
Holy shit that was good. I loved the way it connected all of the stories together, especially with epilogue 16. I’m not giving any spoilers, but that was an insane twist and I loved it. Amazing story EndMaster.
-- C6H8O6 on 5/2/2019 2:10:42 PM with a score of 0
Fantastic, its insane how the EndMaster creates his stories. It's also insane how he has made it so that this story does in-fact act as a sequel or a prequel depending on the path you take. Makes you wonder if he/she has all of his/her stories connected in some way. Anyways, fantastic reading.
-- ThatBlondGuy on 3/14/2019 4:16:18 PM with a score of 0
Plz make more like this one!!
-- Reywalker786 on 1/6/2019 5:15:12 PM with a score of 0
Fix the spelling plz!
-- Reywalker786 on 12/21/2018 9:25:29 PM with a score of 0
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