The Arrival

Player Rating3.03/8

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Story Difficulty2/8

"walk in the park"

Play Length2/8

"So short yo' momma thought it was a recipe"

Maturity Level1/8

"appropriate for all ages"
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Player Comments

Heh. I found it humorous, but short. Like one of those books people enjoy, but they have only 100 pages in them and then they're like, "What? That's it?!"

The fact that it's a mystery aspect story made it very interesting, especially with the whole wolf/dog perspective thing. I found it very creative and impressive you were able to put those together and have a quality storygame come out of it.

Sadly, it did have some downsides, such as being very easy since the choices didn't seem to effect the story much, only the end choices did for me (unless I refused to help with the case). Branching is key for storygames, remember!

I can't tell you how much I thought this was warrior cats at first. The first few words were about joining the pack, and I was literally about to die thanks to it. I'm very glad that wasn't the case. xD

There were also spelling mistakes, although I spotted little to no accidental ones, but there were ones that I imagine were on purpose (such as "stahp"), but a spelling error is a spelling error to me.

Overall, the storygame, despite being incredibly short was fun to me in a way, but more character development would have been nice, especially for a mystery storygame like this one.

I'm gonna say 4/8, pretty good.
-- MinnieKing on 3/19/2017 12:54:35 AM
short but funny great for laughs although you should define whats happening like what happened or if your wolves or greyhounds(lol)
-- Aetherskyes on 9/25/2016 12:22:20 AM
Rpndomly acuced the first person I talked to because he smelled like cardboard, still don't know what I accused him of but I was right!
-- Dmanxbox on 12/9/2015 12:39:24 PM
Well a fun little story but a bit strange. I was trying to find out "who did it" while wondering the whole time "who did what". Cute story though :)
-- Will11 on 3/8/2015 11:26:26 PM
*head pops out of a box* Merp.
-- Wolfmist on 12/22/2014 11:44:02 AM
-- anonymous on 12/7/2014 8:40:21 PM
Too easy.
-- jamescoker1226 on 12/6/2014 9:55:18 AM
It was okay, nothing too interesting. Really only linear.
-- Selenia on 7/14/2014 7:10:16 PM
It's good, and I like the mysteriousness and that you are a dog. It's too easy, because no matter what you win, and your decisions don't affect the story. Still good, but you should you make a way to lose, and then it would be 6/8! But you should be happy! 4/8 is the average rating!

Good Job! :-)
-- Author4 on 4/26/2014 7:37:43 PM
Um, was too easy and pretty much had no decisions in it. Or the decisions had not much affect to the story.
-- Rockdude11 on 3/2/2014 3:48:27 PM
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