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I hope you enjoy my contributions, I try to pare down my writing for a less prosaic style and try to focus on the outline of events with a minimal of descriptive elements to allow the reader to apply themselves and their familiar surroundings into the stories. I want the stories to be fun, sometimes fantastical, but always relatable. I understand criticisms about character development and all, but I want you to be able to place yourself in the story as much as possible and think about how YOU would act.

I've been a fan of the CYOA genre since my middle school days. I have been writing some of these for fun on my own time. I have always enjoyed writing creatively and the CYOA format. 

Night in the Woods. My first CYOA game published 4/23/18 (spruced up and re-published 4/26/18). Enjoy! Simple and fun. Let me know what you think... 

Greasy Smell of Gun Oil. Published #2 6/20/18.  It is a REAL-LIFE situation that a colleague of mine has been going through that I used as the kernel to seed my imagination. It can be pretty frightening for anyone who finds themselves in this situation. It might make you think more about what can be done for people in abusive relationships. 

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Night in the Woods

You have to make some quick decisions.

You are lost, and you need to get home.

You wouldn't believe what is out there! 

Or is it just your overactive imagination?

Good Luck!

The Greasy Smell of Gun Oil...

This CYOA is partially based on real-life events.
The situation was real. The many outcomes were possible paths that the real-life situation could have ended. Many worrisome nights of terror were involved in this all-too-real horror story.

Gather your wits and do your best to stay safe. Good Luck!

5 Days to Liberation

You are going nowhere. You need to take control of your life. You see an opportunity to change it all around. You might survive all 5 days, but you might not. Take your chances.

This Ain't Shakespeare

Shakespeare is considered universally at the pinnacle of playwrights. This Ain't Shakespeare. Enjoy.