Tick Tock Goes the Clock

a Horror by Meadow

Player Rating3.25/8

"#729 overall, #87 for 2014"
based on 121 ratings since 05/23/2014
played 685 times (finished 119)

Story Difficulty4/8

"march in the swamp"

Play Length1/8

"Make sure not to blink"

Maturity Level4/8

"need to be accompanied by an adult"
Contains content that may not be suitable for persons under age 13. If this were a movie, it would probably be PG.

Make sure that you like the game!

Tick Tock

That you enjoy it!

Tick Tock






Player Comments

To begin, you kinda stole your plot from Doctor Who. Hell, you even reference the correct episode in the storygame as well.

And, what a coincidence that you happened to (SPOILER ALERT START) shoot an automaton, and then the very same one came back and killed you (SPOILER ALERT END) Not very imaginative.

I think you may have some skill in writing, but you must refine it first, and a good way to do that is to not steal plots from other franchises. Do something ORIGINAL. It can be hard, but I'd much prefer to see an underdeveloped original story, than a rewrite of another pre-existing story (*cough* Warrior Cats *cough* *cough*).

3/8. Hopefully, you take this as constructive criticism (I'm hard on people, I know), because you have potential. But this doesn't cut it.
-- PortalSpartan on 6/14/2015 3:59:17 AM with a score of 1
I like the whole, constant, "Tick tock, tick tock" thing. It created an eerie atmosphere. Unfortunately the atmosphere was ruined by all the Doctor Who references.
-- Avery_Moore on 7/24/2020 7:10:41 PM with a score of 1
I am thinking about using an infinity gauntlet.
-- tonyflamingo on 3/14/2020 2:37:04 PM with a score of 1
Really cool game
-- Alex on 11/19/2019 1:06:26 PM with a score of 1
-- The_Broken_God on 4/25/2019 2:33:14 PM with a score of 1
Very one directional, most choices simply led back to the same choice. Many grammatical errors, and a largely unoriginal plot.
-- Benderfloodle on 12/30/2018 9:01:10 AM with a score of 1
Not really a story game. Seems more like a demo and the author is just practising.

You really need to proof read your work. I think you have some writing talent, however you need to think of an original plot flesh it out more
-- Jordi P on 12/27/2018 12:23:55 PM with a score of 1
-- Tk on 4/8/2018 1:53:56 PM with a score of 1
Isn't this a Doctor Who fanfic? It certainly feels that way, you've referenced several monsters from the series. I don't feel that you stole the plot, but it literally uses things from the Doctor Who fanfic. All you need to do is state that the protag is an OC of yours and you'd be done.
-- Saika on 5/9/2017 6:08:36 AM with a score of 1
Needed another ending
-- Iquarius on 5/4/2017 12:40:15 PM with a score of 1
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