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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: the Stirring of the Legendaries - Part I: The Beginning

The Legendaries have awoken.
Only the human mentioned in the Prophecy can send them back into peaceful slumber... before everything in the universe collapses into a meaningless jumble of quarks.
Are you ready to save the Pokémon world... which may be more connected to the human world than you'd think?

This is Part I. I spent a lot of time on it, and if you guys like it I'll make Part II! If you don't, I won't bother. Feel free to suggest things in the comments! 

The Descendents of Wolves

Fifteen thousand years ago, wild wolves roamed the land with prehistoric humans.

Some eventually forged a bond with these humans that has not been broken ever since. They became dogs.

Others remained with their own species and stayed in the wild. They are the ancestors of the wolves today.

What kind of descendent will you be?

There are four main paths, and many branches and endings along the way where you can die if you are not careful. Almost every decision counts. You can start as a wolf and end up as a wolf; start as a wolf and end up living with humans, like a dog; you can start as a dog and end up as a dog; or you can start as a dog and end up in the wild, living with wolves. 

This story is largely inspired by, but not identical to, Jack London's The Call of the Wild and White Fang. I dedicate it to him.

I would much appreciate it if you suggested any things that I could improve on next time, but I'm not going to take it down and republish it because I took so long to write this... it literally took years.

(Tip: if you've read either of these books and want one of the main endings, think about what Buck or White Fang would do!)

(Tip 2: the main plots of The Call of the Wild and White Fang are there, but I've added a few of my own side plots! Every decision counts!)