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Hi, I'm Autumn.

Not much to put here but I'm 18, use she/her, and I make flowcharts sometimes?


The Backrooms

This game is about the backrooms. Your character seems to have exited reality as we know it and is now trying to navigate and survive an endless maze of rooms. There are many levels in the backrooms and lots of entities out to get you, do your best to survive.

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The Backrooms on 5/28/2022 1:48:34 AM

I was thinking about making a storygame about exploring the backrooms. Hopefully I'd be able to make this as in-depth as possible and maybe even have some sort of survival in it. Was just wondering if anyone on here would be interested in reading/playing something like this or if it's not worth the effort.

Flowchart for Eternal by EndMaster on 5/3/2020 10:26:39 PM

I was a big fan of this story and I decided to make a flowchart of every choice because I got bored haha. Anyways many hours went into this and I think it's cool so I thought I'd post it. Hope some of you guys think it's neat as well. The image is too large to upload so here's a link.

Fresh Meat: Baiting and Hooking Thread 3 on 12/13/2019 1:25:37 PM

Autumnuminum was a username my friend came up with years ago based on my name, Autumn, and it has stuck since. As far as number I've gotta go with 97.