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Story idea on 5/18/2021 7:07:53 AM
I really like your idea. It can be used to write a book or make a feature-length movie. Truth! It seems to me that the right choice is that you decided to add the son of the main character. So he will dilute the character and show him from the other side. You can also raise the topic of generational differences and disagreements between children and parents. In general, the idea is super. Continue to develop it.

What do you like in a review? on 5/18/2021 6:57:33 AM
Why do people usually read reviews? To decide for yourself it is worth reading this book or not. This means that the author of the review should briefly tell about the book, but without describing the entire plot. And the reader will already draw conclusions. I don’t think the review has to be long. The main thing is that the essence is preserved in it, but without unnecessary details.