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I like cheese and The Legend of Zelda Grammarly is my best friend because my grammar is very bad. Just your average sleep deprived teenager.


A Sightly Interesting Storygame
What happens when you embark on life you must navigate your life with your strict parents (some parts of this are loosely based on a true story)

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trying to write, not working on 11/1/2022 12:21:05 AM
I unpublished it to improve it because people hated it.

trying to write, not working on 10/31/2022 11:27:21 PM
well its published now, so you can see that it gets better

im new on 10/31/2022 9:41:59 AM
Im afraid it is and it makes your hair frizz and puts a weird smell in your whiz and makes your ears hear a sound that sounds like tizzzzzzzzzz

trying to write, not working on 10/30/2022 10:53:01 AM

im new on 10/29/2022 11:37:23 PM
I apologize for asking, i did not know you had rhymes disease, will you forgive me please

trying to write, not working on 10/29/2022 11:01:26 PM
wait, my story isnt published how did you know what it was about

im new on 10/29/2022 10:57:14 PM
Nice Keys? whats that mean

trying to write, not working on 10/29/2022 10:56:47 PM
It gets better, I swear

im new on 10/29/2022 10:22:23 PM
Hi New, I'm Cheese

Fantasy Recommendations? on 10/29/2022 10:20:05 PM
I'm not sure if they're considered Fantasy, but I really like the Percy Jackson books (and the spin-offs too) Artemis Fowl is also pretty good. I really like Fablehaven too. I would also recommend The Dragon With A Chocolate Heart Magic Tree House and Whatever After are children's books, but still super good. another series I liked was The Sisters Grimm