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I have many names and titles. 11302. The Dick Reviewer. Official CYStian Comeback King. CEO of Anti-Hero Protagonists. King Of The Microstory. Faceless Vigilante Enthusiast. Average Kanye West Enjoyer. The Bastard. But before any of them, I am but one thing: I am Chris. Also MHD is the best artist in the world.

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Earning 100 Points Earning 500 Points Earning 1,000 Points Earning 2,000 Points Has more than earned the right to carry this trophy. Chris has grown as a writer, as well as a positive and inspiring presence tremendously. He has not only improved himself, but leads as an example. Rated 49.9% of all Stories Given by BerkaZerka on 03/27/2020 - For growing into CYS Given by EndMaster on 12/15/2019 - The Answer to The Question fanfics Given by madglee on 02/16/2022 - Evolution into a solid, hilarious writer and esteemed member Given by MadHattersDaughter on 03/11/2021 - You have really blossomed. Keep up the excellent writing.


Dark Nights
NOTE: This story is one of my weakest. Feel free to give it a read if you want to, but don't expect anything too good, especially if you've read some of my other works. Gotham City was home to a myriad of vigilantes, and, in your personal opinion, the Huntress was the most interesting of them. So when you hear she's in trouble, of course you decide to give her a helping hand... Things escalate from there.

Dog Day

An unrepentant criminal tries to dodge his former associates after a weapons deal goes wrong. My entry for EndMaster's Edgelord Contest 2. I literally only wrote this to avoid SHAME so don't expect anything too great.

Dusty Fist

Can you get a good drink while fending off raiders?

A young martial artist visits a post-apocalyptic town in search of a drink. What happens next is up to you in this classic style CYOA inspired by the cult classic God Hand.

Special Thanks To:
Cricket - For beta reading.

Author's Notes: This is mostly just a little something I wrote for my own amusement and isn't meant to be taken seriously at all. It's written in the Time Cave format, which means that every choice leads you down a unique path instead of all that rebranching and stuff that modern interactive fiction tends to use.

With that said, leave all your common sense at the door, because it's about to get weird.

Dusty Fist 2: Electric Boogaloo

A young martial artist goes on another hilarious romp through post-apocalyptic America.

My entry for Mizal's 2019 Lone Hero Contest.

Authors Notes: This is a sequel to Dusty Fist. You don't actually need to have read the original in order to enjoy this one, as that was more of an elaborate shitpost while this... Is also an elaborate shitpost.

Hard Night

Just a regular night.

In this game, you play as the Question, Hub City's faceless protector. One night, what appears to be a normal drug bust goes south fast, and you find yourself with only two hours to live, an antidote to find, and a gang to topple.

Looks like it's just a normal night in Hub City.

First in the Questionable Tales series, a series of fanfiction games starring the Question. There's four endings not counting deaths: one bad, one bittersweet, one good, and one true ending. See if you can find them all.

The Question is copyright DC Comics. So yeah, don't sue me.

Author's Note: This game is really rough around the edges. I decided to give it a quick run through on October 4th, 2019 (over a year and a half after the original publication on February 2nd, 2018), in order to fix some minor bugs and add a "cheat code" for the infamously obtuse antidote puzzle. Hopefully, there are no more problems with the scripting and the like.

... And I ended up giving it another edit on October 8th, 2019 because I noticed another bug when replaying it. Not a major one, but still. I really didn't have my link restrictions in order at all.

Life In The Fast Lane
A getaway driver goes on a quest for revenge.

Silent Night

A very questionable Christmas special.

It's Christmas in Hub City. One might expect that even criminals would take the night off, but you've learned the hard way that crime doesn't sleep. While the rest of the city is tucked into their homes in the company of loved ones, you're on the hunt in a silent city, making sure that things stay that way.

The Question is copyright DC comics. So yeah, don't sue me.

Author's Notes: Did I say I was definitely not going to write a Question fanfiction for this contest? Because what I meant was I didn't mean to but I had to squeeze something out before the contest's end. And with Christmas so fast approaching, what better than a Christmas special, eh?


Noir story in a cyberpunk dystopia. Four types of endings: deaths, bad endings, good endings, and one perfect ending. See if you can find them all, it shouldn't be too hard. Endings are tracked using the score variable: zero means death, one means bad, two means good, three means perfect.

Special thanks to:
Tim36D - For listening to me ramble on about the idea, making suggestions, and writing a few pages.
ISentinelPenguinI - For playtesting.

Finally, if you notice any bugs, please PM me and I'll get to work on them as soon as I can (though I do believe they've all been worked out, can never be too sure).

Mood music.

When The Music's Over
I hear a very gentle sound... Once you were the bravest hero in the land. Then, the greatest noble. Now, a washed up drunkard past his prime. But when the king asks for you to turn the tide of a war, will you accept, or cast his offer aside to walk your own path? Author's Notes: I originally intended for every single choice to branch out into a unique path, but to get this out I had to cut some of my plans short. There is minor rebranching here and there along with a few duplicate pages that have minor changes depending on how you reached those pages. On top of that, the path for accepting the king's offer is much more bare bones than I wanted it to be and is only about a third of the rest of the game's size (10k to the rest of the game's 30k). Someday, I hope to return to this story and make it the epic it deserves to be. For now, however, the game is finished. The SCORE variable doesn't indicate how good you did. It's just a way to keep track of what ending the reader got. If you play the game, please give a comment. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Special Thanks: Tim36D - For being my long-suffering best friend and listening to me ramble on about this story. Thanks man. Mizal - For constantly busting my ass to get this storygame done. Boom, now it is. Shadowdrake27 - For proofreading the story. Without him, there would be many typos and grammar errors. The CYS Discord - For being there to let me ramble on about my story on the occasions that Tim wasn't. The entire CYS community - For putting up with me for 5 years now. Stay classy, you omnidirectional vitriol spewers.

The Thief And The Messiah
Entry to EndMaster's 2022 Prompt Contest. A story about a thief crucified alongside Jesus. No claims of quality are made. This story will be rewritten, but for now is left in sneak preview for anyone who still wants to read it.

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let's play Lost Coastlines on 10/2/2022 2:59:49 AM
I say we visit the famous thief in the Doo(-doo) Empire. Gotta get that Shadowcraft up for potential future heists. Y'know, if that's how it works.

mizal's birthday thread on 9/25/2022 12:15:06 AM
Happy Birthday Mizal! :partying_face: To celebrate, here is my favorite song by an artist that I don't think she knows but I'm sure she'll enjoy despite how unfamiliar she is with him: src="" width="632" height="356">

Queen Elizabeth is dead on 9/8/2022 1:54:40 PM
Was gonna post a meme until I read the last line. So uh. Rest in peace.

Prompt Contest Results on 7/13/2022 2:33:59 AM
Congrats to everyone who submitted a story, but especially the top five for putting out not just exceptional contest entries, but exceptional stories all around. Proud of my boy Tim for damn near winning the first contest he's ever participated in.

The 2nd Annual MHD Appreciation Week! on 7/12/2022 4:05:04 PM
Been playing around with music production since last August, it's become my main outlet for creativity since then. If you want to give it a shot, Ableton Live has a free trial that gives you access to all the features for 90 days. It is damn expensive to actually buy it though and there's some solid, much cheaper alternatives if you don't feel like shilling out 800 bucks for the full package. I just made the mistake of getting so used to Ableton's workflow that I can't really use anything else now lol.

The 2nd Annual MHD Appreciation Week! on 7/11/2022 5:18:10 PM
"I embrace the Sun with arms outstretched so that my oblivion will be one of my own choosing." - Strange Scaffold, developer of Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator.

The 2nd Annual MHD Appreciation Week! on 7/11/2022 4:32:07 PM

Shut the fuck up.

The 2nd Annual MHD Appreciation Week! on 7/11/2022 3:26:24 AM
I am not much of an artist. Rather than just try to rely on making bad art that is funny, I decided that this time I'd rather give MHD a gift in an artform I am much more proficient in: music. Here is a beat I produced specifically for this occasion. I threw it together pretty quickly but I am pleased with how it came out and feel it fits our resident hat-loving artist's vibes very well. Hope she enjoys her Unbirthday (this is a funny reference to the Disney film Alice In Wonderland and not a reference to other, unwholesome things). Also funny stick figure drawing too just in case the music wasn't good enough:

EndMaster's Prompt Contest completed entries on 7/11/2022 2:22:13 AM
All the cool kids are reflecting on how they wrote their stories so fuck it. I decided to join the contest out of a desire to get back into the groove of writing CYOAs and hopefully use the feedback buzz to motivate myself to finish one of my many, many, many, many, many, many, many work-in-progresses that I have on hold. Choosing the Bible prompt was mostly a stir of the moment decision, motivated by my semi-recent conversion to Christianity and there not being any good prompts left (and then a bunch of good ones got added on afterwards so I probably should've just waited a day or two in hindsight). When I first began work on the story, I was going to write an almost entirely original story set during the time of the Book of Judges. Most probably know that book for the story of Samson but it is a book ripe for fictional works that expand upon the many tales of the Judges of Israel within it. My story would have centered on Tola, a Judge whose entire presence in the Bible is limited to two verses that basically say "his dad was named Dodo, Tola was a Judge for 23 years, and then he died." I decided to go with this to have complete creative freedom, with my original idea being to make a wild west story set in Ancient Israel that revolved around bringing the scattered Hebrew tribes together during a time of chaos and civil war. I was pumped up for what I was going to write, I wrote a sick introduction page, and then... I did absolutely nothing for like a month and a half. That's pretty much my entire way of doing contests: I slack off until the very end and if I turn anything in, it's some rushed 3k pile of shit that I worked on for two days. In my defense, this time I actually had valid reasons for it with plenty of hectic situations arising in my life that ensured I had no time to spend on writing, rather than the last several times which were due to sheer laziness. Plus, rather than just whip up some crap in a few days, I actually began work on my final story a week before the deadline. I shifted gears to a story centered around a conversation with Jesus on the cross, with the player in the role of the Penitent Thief, Dismas, and choosing whether or not he repents in his final moments. Big shouts out to Malk for coming up with the idea in the Discord. I knew the clock was ticking on me so I didn't really set out to make some big epic story spanning tens of thousands of words; I was content to just write a short 5k-ish word game. Most of you guys will probably not be surprised, but I have never outlined any of my games before, and this time was only slightly different in that I had a definitive endpoint: Jesus' and the player's deaths, and either redemption or damnation for the player. So, I wrote the first page, and started going with the flow. As I said in the Bible Discussion thread that branched off from the Interesting Comments thread, I took a lot of my inspiration for my characterization of Jesus from The Chosen, an extremely well made show adapting the Gospels into a serialized drama format, which portrayed Jesus as very affable and down-to-earth. I tried to really capture that vibe and hope that I succeeded. I finished up the entire first path, branching off with the decision to be rude to Jesus at the start of the conversation, in about three days. Sadly, life got in the way, and I had to completely cut the entire second half of the story which would have started with the player being polite at the start of the conversation, completely shifting the tone of it. Even still, I'm not sure if the story would have been any better for it, as I didn't have enough time to really flesh it out; as Sent aptly pointed out, the character development for Dismas is practically non-existent and Jesus makes no real attempt at trying to convince him of His dinivity. I said that I would expand it, but the more I've thought on it the more I think I need more time to grow into my beliefs before I give it another shot. I'll probably take the story down after the judging period is over and maybe revisit the concept in the future, after I've taken the time to write some more stories on the site and grow closer to Christ. And don't worry, just because I'm a Christian now doesn't mean I'm gonna stop lusting after men while calling you all faggots. Jesus loves me anyways. I wrote this post up in like 20 minutes and did not proofread it at all so apologies for any typos. But also fuck you if you point it out.

Canadian Atheist Specch on 7/8/2022 1:48:50 PM
I am glad that these non-believers have long since vanished from the Kingdom of CYStia. The dissolution of their sect pleases Allah.