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Pythian Haven, Colorado - Nov 11, 1949

Missing people. Primordial secrets. Deadly dreams.
The locals suggest shedding any religious values - they claim God doesn't exist here.
It's not hard to see why.
Find the missing people.
Unlock the ancient secrets.
Survive the living nightmares.

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Multiple Topics on 4/8/2022 11:25:48 AM

Thank you, both of you. I'll be sure to familiarize myself better with HTML as I educate myself.

Multiple Topics on 4/7/2022 3:26:47 PM

Just a few questions I have that I wasn't able to find the answers to (either out of being too far into the archives, my own ignorance, or it doesn't exist yet in the forums), so I've been directed here with my queries.

1) If possible, would anyway mind copy/pasting me the instructions on both how to update the CYS appearance, as well as customizing storygame appearances? Alternatively a link toward any forums answering these is equally as suitable.

2) Is music a possible option to add to storygames? Background ambience for a more immersive experience, for example. I feel pretty confident in assuming that this doesn't exist, but I figured I'd ask anyway, just in case.

Thank you.

Relationship Scripting on 5/10/2021 3:21:20 AM

thanks, mate. you've been a phenomenal help. i probably could have figured it out had i just spent more time digging through the 'how to's' but a human response is far more appreciated.

Relationship Scripting on 5/9/2021 3:21:46 PM

first thing's first, i'm still trying to write storygames. and failing. i'll usually just delete my projects. that's beside the point, thing is, i'm trying to invest some time into the ambitious art of making a storygame that incorporates relationships. not romance, but general relationships. i understand how to use variables in a basic sense, but after scouring the forums and the help pages on scripting, i still haven't found what i'm looking for. last ditch effort for me was to come here and express my need for information.

i already know how to script the simple 'if variable goes over number, go here' but that's way too simple and not nearly as flexible as i need. if there's a way, i'd like to learn and understand how to script variables in a way that a certain choice is affected by a variable. like, 'if variable is over number, go here' and 'if variable is under number, go here' alongside a 'if variable is this number exactly, go here'. i know simple workarounds for the first two options that don't require scripting, but with this third option appearing... it's time i looked deeper into the scripting of variables. essentially, i'd like the variables to work with the options, and not the variable page, since the story's relationship level determines the fate of characters and the direction of story.

if there's a link to a page that covers this that i missed or didn't read too in-depth on to get my answer, i don't mind someone just linking that if you don't feel any desire to give me a long-winded explanation. thanks for your time.

Mizal is now an admin on 9/23/2018 4:08:29 AM

jeez, i'm late on this.

but ay! mizal is an admin. i believe this was briefly discussed in minnie's discord server. 
anyway, that's pretty cool. if i'm correct, she's been here a while already. personally, i already thought she was a mod when i joined, but eh. 

but yeah, good job, mizal. this is a pretty late message, but the meaning shouldn't change nonetheless. 

Outrageous Oreo flavors on 2/16/2018 5:49:04 AM

The sour flavored Peeps is what I'm talking about.

Outrageous Oreo flavors on 2/15/2018 12:22:31 PM

The sour flavor isn't all that bad. Either that, or I'm just being biased towards that specific flavor.

Outrageous Oreo flavors on 2/7/2018 6:35:19 PM

I do...

Outrageous Oreo flavors on 2/4/2018 8:38:48 PM

Is it sad that this is the thread that draws me out of the shadows after about two months of inactivity?
I like food.
I like Oreos.
However, this is ridiculous. The flavors are getting out of control. I wouldn't be surprised if they make Barbeque flavored Oreos at this point. 
So uh, sure. I'll join your movement. 

Congratulations to the Order of Sage on 12/1/2017 12:25:06 PM

Wow! The Sages have hit over 1,000 commendations! As of right now (the time this is being written), we have achieved a total of 1,001 commendations in total. This is pretty impressive, and personally urges me to keep on with it.

The people who made this possible; (From most commendations to least)


Again, good job guys. Keep it up, and maybe we'll get to 2,000 soon.
Not like we really need to, however, concluding the Order of Sage is, like, way ahead of the other Orders.