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Name: Alvin Goh

Born in 1996. I am a teenage male with an overactive imagination and love play games, especially choose-your-adventure type of games. I prefer the rpg and sci-fi genre along with open world types of games as well.

I like to sing in my spare time though my voice is really bad, I tend to do it when showering or when I'm at home. :P

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Top 10 Annoyers in the Forums on 6/29/2013 2:24:33 PM

So you ARE an asshole! That explains a lot. Well thanks for clarifying the fact that you are a total dick in both personality and on the internet. I bid you adios.

Aw, how cute but I doubt that thing can reach it. :o

Top 10 Annoyers in the Forums on 6/29/2013 2:22:46 PM

Dude, I meant in the past, not right now.

Top 10 Annoyers in the Forums on 6/29/2013 2:21:37 PM


I like this site a lot and if people suddenly comes out and say that they dislike you for no apparent reason, am I really unreasonable to defend myself?

I tried to ask for a reason why but he gave nothing else aside from saying that because this is the internet and that is merely his opinion. Galob and Lexi, I can understand and can easily clarify it out with them. I'm dealing this with the mindset of someone with evidence.

Lexi: Annoys and mad at me for annoying her boyfriend. Okay, I can understand that and can easily clarify that with the PMs. I was raging, true, but only because I find it unjustified. And that was over for so long already.

Galob: No reason why aside from the fact that I might have offend him. I also have my PMs with him readied and can clarify with him

However, Playa, I have done nothing against him except during the between. So if someone were to come out and openly declare their dislike or hate for you, is it unreasonable to ask why?

Top 10 Annoyers in the Forums on 6/29/2013 2:20:59 PM

I thought this was going to be a list of our most annoying members at first.

I can't believe I got my own list ready for nothing.

Well, here's a sneak peek.

1. Nuclearwarfare

2. Hugo

3. Alvin

Those are my top 3, just to show you guys I do actually keep a list. Although, maybe Alvin's a little too high up on there. I should think about changing that.


I call BS on that. So you're saying that you see my name and you instantly dislike me. Some people just don't click. But that applies to RL, not the internet. Without internet interaction, if you were to suddenly dislike me for no reason and started posting that you do, isn't it the same as those forum trolls?

It isn't about realizing that not everybody is going to like you or anything like that. The thing you are doing is offensive but you don't seem to really be aware of that. Or worse, you do and you are accepting of it.

You don't like me, fine but you never had to come out and say it. What you're doing right now is exactly what an asshole in RL would do. I dislike certain people when we argue but they only last for a short while, do you see me or anyone else coming out to declare that fact.

Top 10 Annoyers in the Forums on 6/29/2013 2:11:02 PM

Maybe so for you but it is different for other people. You say that nothing on the internet is personal, basing it on what? Those forum trolls or YT trolls? I'm stupid? At least I'm not an asshole.

You are a douchebag. The way you're doing all this shit already shows that you are.

Top 10 Annoyers in the Forums on 6/29/2013 2:08:57 PM

"The way I behaved in that game..." I'm sorry wut? We never even met in the game, how exactly was my behaviour?

I'm a stalker? How so? Because someone else said so? If I have the personality of a stalker, then you have the personality of an asshole. You see shit because you're so deep up your ass that you can't see what is wrong with you.

You don't give a shit? I call BS on that. If you never give a shit, you would have never started this in the first place. The moment you decided it would be fun to insult another person is the moment you're giving a shit.

I really did not expect this from you but what do you know, humanity never fails to deliver. You dislike me for no good reason, insult me for no good reason, claim you give no shit about those you insult when they never once attack you in any way.

I acted like an immature brat, then this must say a lot for the guy who start something like this with that brat now, doesn't it?

I never once insulted you, I never once do anything against you. All I'm doing right now is defending myself against someone as shitty as you. You say that this is merely your opinion? Well then, stick your opinion up your ass.

Top 10 Annoyers in the Forums on 6/29/2013 2:08:07 PM

Why wouldn't I? Especially against people I have nothing against nor have done anything against them. I do have intention to leave and will but how could I knowing that people thought it would be fun to poke someone else behind their back.

He find me annoying, Now I ask why and he gave me no reason for this hate. Maybe if it was someone I actually know and have done something against them, I would understand but someone that I did nothing against gets to me.

Top 10 Annoyers in the Forums on 6/29/2013 1:58:27 PM

I'm sure you're having a great time right now. You're not acting like a dick, you are a dick and not because you don't like me. It is because you don't have the mental capacity to understand that some things are wrong to do so.

Insulting someone because you dislike them? You don't give a rat-ass how others feel? Oh my, you fit the description of your average school bully already. It sure shows what kind of person you are now, doesn't it?

Top 10 Annoyers in the Forums on 6/29/2013 1:56:16 PM

Oh please, get over yourself and stop thinking that everyone is like your douchbaggery. You just openly declared that you're a douchebag and that you go behind the back of people to insult them, how impressive of you.

Top 10 Annoyers in the Forums on 6/29/2013 1:55:16 PM

Oh please, how unoriginal can you get? Who would want to copy your insults? Wow, you just came out and admitted that you're a douchebag, well that makes everything seem perfectly reasonable right now then.

The only reason I seem like a douchebag to you right now is because I'm defending myself from your disgustingly annoying post against me.

It must be real nice and dandy of you to go to an online site just to declare that someone you don't even know as a douchebag and that you dislike him, not isn't it? I'm sure that it isn't personal or anything like that when you do that.