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Aspiring writer. Historical enthusiast, especially military history in the Napoleonic era. Likes literature and interactive novels/gamebooks/story games/choose you story games/choose your own adventure games.

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Moral Quandary 3 on 3/4/2022 12:06:00 AM

Rats are actually very smart, so by punishing the rat and setting it as an example, that will seriously most likely prevent other rats from following it's footsteps. 

Putin is fucked on 3/3/2022 8:51:34 AM

Yeah, that's what I said. Or are you agreeing with me?

Putin is fucked on 3/3/2022 12:45:06 AM

I disagree. At the current rate, he won't take Ukraine. BUT, Russia has only begun to take out the big guns. What you've seen so far is Russia at like, 1%(might be an exaggeration but you get the point). They've started to amp it up, but even now it's not as much as they could do. 

do believe that Ukraine has a very very solid chance of successfully repelling, and I only said that Russia will probably take over. 

Putin is fucked on 3/3/2022 12:06:07 AM

Putin is fucked beyond fucked. Let me explain.

He can't pull out now, as that would be admitting the war is a mistake, which is political suicide.

He'll probably take Ukraine, but he won't win. Ukraine is unbelievably unified right now, and there's MILLIONS of militias and insane amount of resistance. That will persevere once Putin takes over the government. 

The only way to put down the resistance is being extremely destructive and brutal, which goes against the purpose and his goals, and what support he has will go down, and the West will be harsher against him. All of this is very undesirable.

In the meantime, his economy will continue to go down hill. By the end, he'll most likely be disposed of by his own people.

Putin is fucked beyond fucked.

Putin on the Blitz on 3/2/2022 6:00:48 AM

Oh yeah, I stumbled across this cringy ass bitch. This must have taken like at least several hours to make, I'm not sure how during that time she didn't actually realise that this was not in the wisest of her decisions.

Quite new. on 2/11/2022 5:11:27 AM

Get off the internet and revise your lessons, you have an exam on Thursday!

Quite new. on 2/11/2022 5:10:16 AM

Oh god, I don't want to learn algebra ever again. I'd kill myself before I learn it a second time.

Also, nearly forgot to tell you. Remember to do your homework and revise your lessons, you have an exam on Thursday! I know I know, 1+1 is hard for you, I get it, but you gotta push! Don't wanna stay a dumbass forever, don't you?

Quite new. on 2/11/2022 5:05:11 AM

It's DingDongBells, you fuckin' idiot. And look at your profile pic, you didn't even bother to put it in correctly, I can see the background. I regret making DingDongBells my main username for all accounts....I can never escape my eternal torment! 

Quite new. on 2/11/2022 4:12:33 AM

I know it was founded in 2001, but shouldn't they update the website once in a while? When was the last update? I'd think that making the site good for mobile would be among their top priorities.

Quite new. on 2/11/2022 4:10:24 AM

I can't escape the ding dong jokes, can I?