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Name: Lance

Please note that I'm not great at spelling. and I'm not big on stories with huge pages. I'm just a guy injoying the site.  Hope you all injoy the stories that I post and that if you don't I understand.


The Hero of Sector 7

Brief Info:The world known only as 26B was founded by scout ships from earth 300 years ago. Today the world is divded into 10 sectors, all lead by people only known as the "Council" Each member of the Council leads one sector.

1.Born in the sector die in the sector
2.Obey the Council
3.Never qeastion the gates

Some Knowledge:All sectors have a Tech. rank. it is a scale 1 to 5, your technology in use will depend on your Tech. rank.
1. You depend on simple tools, bows, animals, wood, ect.
2. Low manufacturing, simple machines,new to gun powder, ect.
3. Assembly lines, firearms, meatal use, ect.
4. Are Modern day 2012
5. Space ships, lazer rifles, ect.

You- You live in Sector 7, a Tech. level 1 trying to get promoted to level 2, Your name is Lance and have just turned 20.You are a bull headed person willing to speak his mine,NOT SAFE ON THIS PLANET. You are about to change this world....

Please note this is my first story so try not to grade to harshley. THX