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Name: Fireplay, why do you ask?

Location: I'm a Multiverse Traveler so you figure it out...

Sex: Not Female or Neutral, or any kind of mixture of the two. >.>

It is not that I am a man nor that I am an American but that I am a Human Being.  As I do claim to be proud of being both, it is that fact that I am a Human that keeps me going.  We are the creatures of this world.  There is nothing different between us except for the ways that we insist we should treat each other.  This is the time to act. Waiting time has been long over.  Either we survive as a species or fall alone. -Jeffrey Mudgett

"It depends on the group of people, but all governments fall to pieces eventually. A government works like a filter. They restrict people so, broadly speaking, freedom will be available for most. Consider the way traffic laws work. We have stop signs - not Go signs. For people to go, sometimes they have to stop, and no one can go if theres a pile of wrecked cars. To refocus, government as a filter: essentially they force us to yield freedoms for the good of "everyone." But with that potential power and function they slowly collect human contaminant, just as filters become clogged with dust or what have you. A clogged filter begins to slip. Air can't pass through and all manner of problems follow suit. It is usually only by the blood of "patriots" or "heroes" that filters can be replaced. Democratic republics and similar governing systems have metaphorical filter cleaners, but eventually those fall apart too." -Uqilick



"Tread carefully, friend. If you intend to cross the path of one whose soul is 
so tightly woven into the realm of the arcane, I would not suggest you do it lightly."

"Life is eternal; and love is immortal; and death is only a horizon; and a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight." - Rossiter W. Raymond

"We want someone who has to be dragged into office kicking and screaming, but who will then do the best job he can in hopes of being let off early for good behavior."

"Ideals are for those who can't spell 'Ideas' without an 'L'...    osers." -BerkaZerka

"A bad story is a bad story, regardless of the subject matter."​ -Kiel Farren

As man now is, God once was; As God now is, man may be"

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Earning 100 Points Given by BerkaZerka on 01/09/2017 - In memorial of Mythic Nippon greatness


Blessed Darkness

A frightened girl with a hidden power, An old man defending his home, a missing book, and a secret order. "This child can change the world for better or for ill, she has a greater connection to the Fade than any before her. Strangely, I am frighten to see what the future holds for us."

(Thanks to all who helped me make this story. Also first story I made on this site.)

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Future of the World on 2/19/2015 12:20:17 PM

-10 points for taking it seriously.

Future of the World on 2/19/2015 12:20:00 PM

Friendship is actually a big mushroom cloud that leaves 'magic' in it's wake.

Future of the World on 2/19/2015 12:13:48 PM

China decides it's time to cash in on the USA-Debt which will likely lead to one of three 'general' responses. :D Actual results may vary.

USA says no, china embargos and switchs to focus it's economy of Europe. USA economy strained and something interesting happens.

USA tries to pay it back and fails like an epic. Alaska is sold to China?

USA goes to war with nukes and Fallout: 1 begins.

RISE FROM THE DEAD! on 2/18/2015 10:58:07 AM

*laughs quietly in the backroom*

The Mythic Nippon Wagon Group: Notes by Miya. on 2/16/2015 12:11:11 AM

Miya killed several bears with a gun by smacking them to death with it? :D

The Mythic Nippon Wagon Group: Notes by Miya. on 2/16/2015 12:00:55 AM

She went hunting with it. lol


I've played the Zombie version, never heard of the Super Wagon Adventure though.

The Mythic Nippon Wagon Group: Notes by Miya. on 2/15/2015 11:55:40 PM

But... But Miya had a gun. T.T

The Mythic Nippon Wagon Group: Notes by Miya. on 2/15/2015 11:48:47 PM

I had started on the Raft and I didn't know how to steer the boat yet. xD That's why I crashed the first time. 

Udo was shoot in the face remember? :p

The Mythic Nippon Wagon Group: Notes by Miya. on 2/15/2015 11:14:04 PM

Trying out my Oregon Trail. Wish the Mythic Wagon Group a safe(or horrible) journey. 


 Starting Supplies and Members: 

Miya(Leader >.>), Yuki, Rai, Roka, Udo.   [No we don't name the Oxen, that way we don't worry when we eat them later.]

8 Oxen - 23 Clothes - 400 Bullets - 3 Wheels/axles/tongues - 1290 pounds of cake.

No Money left over cause we can just burn Udo if we need a fire.


Note 1: Well, we got the supplies I think we will need. Pretty sure that Merchant ripped us off. Not sure what good money is in the middle of nowhere. Roka would probably run off with it anyway. We're starting off early June and hopefully we get to Oregon before Winter. 

Note 2: I still don't understand why we can't just kill the Raft guy and take it. Yuki was playing with the clothing in the wagon again and dump it out. We had to spend an entire day just gathering it up. Roka keeps trying to get us girls to wear the wet clothing so 'it will dry out faster'....                                <.< Pervert.

Note 3: Rai is complaining about some mud in his boots. Not that anyone cares that I fell into the mud while we were fording the river. He kicked an oxen and apparently injured it's leg. I also apparently took the wrong trail and brought us 2 days off from our chosen path. Nobody bothered to point out I was reading the map wrong.

Note 4: Udo has Cholera... great. Maybe we can dump him at that fort up ahead?  Nevermind, they said they couldn't risk him spreading it to other Wagon Groups. We traded some supplies for more food and kept moving. As soon as we started one of the oxen just up and died with no explanation; it just fell to the side and died. Udo burned the body before we could get any food out of it, said it was cursed. Liar...

Note 5: Damn, an oxen was 'stolen' last night but I'm pretty sure Roka made a deal with the theif since he was standing watch that night. But I don't trust him guarding the food now. Oh, and Yuki has dysentery soo.... that sucks.

Note 6: Udo is 'exhausted' and wanted to rest in the wagon. The rest of us told him to suck it up. Roka broke an arm after trying to wrestle one of the extra oxen too, their both idiots. [Later] Rai got bite by a snake after we set camp for the night. After some talk we decided to take the Trail a bit slower despite our dwindling food supplies.

Note 7: I went hunting and managed to get a bunch of meat. However nobody wanted to help me carry it back so we ended up leaving the rest to rot. Wasteful... [Later] Apparently Rai doesn't know how to read maps either.

Note 8: At Chimney Rock: Traded for some more food and set off. Another oxen stolen, with Udo on watch this time. We also found some wild fruit and picked a bunch. Should keep us from draining our supplies for a day.

Note 9: Got hit by natives but nothing lost. Decided to set a grueling pace for a bit to get out of the area as soon as possible. Near the fort now so we slowed down, found a gravestone. [Here lies Voland: "Hey hey hey! Come out and play"] Arrived at the fort. It's already August and we're not even halfway. 

Note 10: Set off again and Udo said he was 'exhausted' again. Lazy bastard. Nothing unusual for a while, just lots of complaints that somebody needs more food or is sleepy.

Note 11: 190 Miles to go until we reach Independence Rock. Maybe we can dump Roka and Udo there? [Later1] Yuki got bit by a snake, Rai was freaking out and calling it an Oni (Ona, Onee?) or something. [Later2] The grass around here sucks and another oxe died, then some theif came by and stole exactly 73 bullets. Seriously, he had lined up all the bullets and took out 73 from it since Yuki fell asleep on watch.

Note 12: Some oxen wandered off so we spent the day looking for them, I thought I had tied them up? [Later] We arrived at Independence rock, not exactly inspiring. We set off after trying to trade for a while and a short rest.

Note 13: Roka doesn't get to handle the map anymore. We we're lost for 5 days before someone figured out we were heading the wrong way. More bullets stolen, bloody theives. Also water apparently doesn't exist here and if it does it's 'bad water' according to Udo. Sadly since he's our 'frontier-expert' nobody wants to drink it except me. 

Note 14: Finally at the South Pass, traded for some food and kept moving. Didn't like those Indians watching us. Met some of those creepy Mormons, from what I've heard they want to turn the whole west into their own kingdom. Not if we reach it first.

Note 15: The land around the river is all dried up, must have been those accursed Mormons. Saw them waiting for a ferry so we floated our wagon across the river, no problems. Suckers HAHA! [Later] Roka got lost so we spent the day looking for him, not sure why.

Note 16: Past by Soda Springs without stopping. I'd rather rest at a Fort than in the open thanks. To many natives lurking in the hills and those Mormons behind us. [Later] Arrived at Fort Hall and took a 5 day break. Traded some more clothing for food.

Note 17: The world sucks, very little water and no food when I went hunting several times. [Later1] Found an abandoned wagon, so we got some (surprisingly fresh) food and an axle out of it. [Later2] Found two other wagons near the river, got some supplies but no food... I have to admit I'm a bit scared as to where all the bodies went and why no supplies were taken.

Note 18: Natives camping next to the Snake River, I bet they had something to do with all those wagons. Probably ate the bodies too. We floated across the river after some of them started gathering around our wagon. No problems after that for a little.

Note 19: Udo got Typhoid, I wanted to just dump him for the Mormons to take care of but Roka wouldn't have it. [Later] Yuki got Typhoid too, Udo must be spreading it around. Rai got lost too. So much for the 'Pioneer Spirit'.

Note 20: Made it to Fort Boise. rested for a few days and traded again for food. We're running low of that. [Later] Set off again and ran into more dry land with no grass. Another Oxen died for no reason, pretty sure it's Udo who's killing them off.

Note 21: Ran into a Blizzard just before the Blue Mountains, a theif stole some food while we were fighting the cold trying to reach the Mountains. [Later1] Roka and Rai think I shouldn't be leader anymore, despite the fact that I've kept them all alive across half of America. [Later2] Rested for 6 days at the Mountains and traded for some more food before setting off. Bare Bone food for everybody until we pass the mountains. Yuki complained about setting off on Sunday, said we should have rested.

Note 22: Agreed to head to the Dalles since trading for food at the next Fort is unlikely. We're almost there and nobody has died yet! I'm planning on keeping it that way. [Later1] Roka says he has a Fever, Udo says we should burn him because he's 'cursed with something called "Monkey Night Secrets".' Whatever that means, we told Udo no. [Later2] Made it to the Dalles, no Natives or Mormons in sight.

Note 23: Rested 1 day before we set off, couldn't pay the bloody road toll so we set up on a Raft. Hopefully Rai can pilot this thing right. [Later] ......Rai and Roka drowned after we hit a bunch of rocks in the river. We also lost 4 of the Oxen and most of our food. Some clothes went over too but we have a bunch more. Rai shouldn't have tried to avoid that 'Water Oni' he said he was trying to get away from.

Note 24: Hit another Rock, Yuki drowned. The poor girl. Lost some wagon stuff too.

Note 25: We crashed into the shore after trying to avoid some rocks, lost some more food and wagon stuff. 100 or so of our bullets too. [Later] We missed the bloody landing cause a bunch of rocks were in the way. How do they expect us to land there?! 

Note 26: Finally arrived, Udo wanted me to settle down with him so I shot his face off and then tossed him in the River. Bloody Oregon Trail...

End Game = Yes.


2(Now 1) people in fair health: 800p (1600p)

1 Wagon: 50p (100p)

1 Ox: 4p (8p)

0 Wagon Parts: 0p (0p)

1 Set of clothing: 2p (4p)

46 45 Bullets: 0p (0p)

0 Pounds of FOOD Cake: 0 (0p)

$0.00 Cash left: 0 (0p)

             Total Points: 856 "For going as a Carpenter, your points are doubled."

         Actual Total Points: 1712.


... Rai is a horrible Raft Driver, he is also insane. I still think Roka helped all those thieves somehow.