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As of May 14 2023, I've given up on the storygame I was working on called Kirby Time Allies. It was a confusing, incomprehensible mess filled with plot holes and loose ends. I'm thinking of rewriting it one day, but right now I'm focused on a new project. It's about a big-headed swordsman who discovers a legendary sword deep underground and rises to the surface to find himself in a parallel universe. It's called Sir Swordy: Swordster's Swordiful Sword Adventures.

May 21: I've removed "and vows revenge on the world" from the description of Sir Swordy because it's too much of a spoiler. Such a spoiler in fact that I've removed the betrayal of Sir Swordy from the game. Which is a real shame, as I'd love to have the sword himself as the final boss, if I could think of how anything would fight... So now Sir Swordy is just a battle engine with a plot. Guess I'll upload it now and go back to Kirby Time Allies.

UPDATE: Did I say upload? Geez, I'm such a Super Mario Maker 2er! I meant publish! Publish! I haven't even played Mario Maker for months!

May 22: Cutting a story short isn't something I like doing. Once I've completed Sir Swordy II: Escape Sir Cumference's Guts, I'll start redoing Kirby Time Allies. Oh, and by the way, maybe I should play Mario and Luigi 3...

May 23: Actually I've given up on Sir Swordy II. I'll go back to Kirby Time Allies and try to give it a proper rewrite.

May 26: You can access the original version of Kirby Time Allies at The final version should be finished by July.

June 27: Even though it's likely only I care (as Sir Swordy didn't take off), I've delayed Kirby Time Allies to July 17.

July 4: If I don't have Kirby Time Allies finished by July 17 I promise I'll force myself to watch the entirety of Numberjacks, a show that I despise from the very core of my soul. And I really don't wanna do that.

July 5: To make up for it, I'll create a fan hater fiction storygame of it afterwards.

July 8: Kirby Time Allies is very close to completion! And when I say that, I mean it. (Unlike Miyamoto in 2015 when he said Pikmin 4 was very close to completion (it still hasn't released yet) (no offence to him).)

July 12: Great news: Kirby Time Allies is complete! Its final release date is July 15, 2023.

July 15: Finally! Kirby Time Allies is out! I'm so glad I don't have to watch all 67 episodes of Numberjacks least until the next storygame I write that fails to meet its deadline. I already have ideas for at least one sequel to Kirby Time Allies.

August 13: I'm rewriting Kirby Time Allies. AGAIN. I won't call it "Kirby Time Allies" anymore because it has almost nothing to do with time travel. This version will be a lot different from the now-unpublished Teleportation Troubles.


Kirby Time Allies: Teleportation Troubles

Formerly "Kirby Time Allies (Final Version)"

Things aren't looking good. Marx has obtained control over the entirety of Planet Popstar, twisting it into a sad shell. The only option is for everyone to move to the New World, which is really far away. So Kirby gets his friend Susie to build and transport them there with the Susie Teleporter 0, but it malfunctions and sends them to an alternate timeline where they have to risk their lives to retrieve it. Can they escape this nightmare and work out a few more kinks? And what surprises wait at the end?

All characters except Patrya and the Halcandra Police Officer are owned by HAL/Nintendo. Any names of site members in Kirby Time Allies are coincidences.

Kirby: Alternate Adventure

This fanfic follows the events of Kirby and the Forgotten Land. It is a complete rewrite of Kirby Time Allies: Teleportation Troubles.

For 20 years, Kirby has been living peacefully in the New World. But when the fierce Morpho Knight emerges and banishes all of Waddle Dee Town to their former home, Planet Popstar, Kirby sees it utterly destroyed.
Wracked with guilt, he finds his old friend Susie and gets her to create a teleporter so he can send everyone back. But things only get worse when it overheats and transports them to a parallel universe...

All characters are owned by HAL/Nintendo.

Sir Swordy II: Escape Sir Cumference's Guts (Cancelled)

Having been eaten by Sir Cumference, Swordster is trapped inside his digestive system. Suddenly put back in one piece for no apparent reason, he find out that Cumference is even bigger on the inside.

Sir Swordy: Swordster's Swordiful Sword Adventures (Unpublished)

A Swordventure IN A WORLD where swordsman Shigeru "Swordster" Katana has acquired a sword trapped in a box for thousands of years. Soon, his new sword comes to life...