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I used to play these all the time, and so ive recently decided to try out having an account!

I am currently working on a story/game about a girl who is new to a school called st.penelope, and she has to try and make friends and get good grades.

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American girls doll quiz

Here is a little quiz about american girl dolls-one of my favourite kind of dolls, i know now many of you out there would really know about them, but this is for the few that do! Don't worry, if you get the wrong answer, you won't have to restart! :);) i am keeping score, and so you will just lose points!

Get ready for school! (Tons of choices!)
Hello, and welcome to another dreaded school day! Your object is to get all ready for school, without missing the school bus. (There is only one way to do so!) there are tons of options, like what school you go to, what you want for breakfast, (So many different food choices!) And whether you are a girl, or a boy. That question will lead to the different options of clothes. Play the game to discover even more options and fun things you can do. These will almost All lead to the same palces once you are finished eating, getting dressed, showering, etc. There are 4 different endings. Try to get them all!

How to be a criminal!

Here's a (hopefully!) fun game about being a criminal. You go though the game with a " secret" bar. When that runs out/gets to zero, the police will catch you. You can do different things, such as move to a new place, where there are different things that you can do there, too! You can also buy a new disguise, To fill up your "secet." Bar. there is also money, whcih you can earn and spend on disguises, moving to a new area, guns, and other thigns like that. And finally, when you complete all of the things in the area( or at least get enough money as if you did them all!) you will be escorted to the next city, with different things for you to do. Eventually, after mastering sevrel cities without being caught, you will win the game! There are only really 3 different ways to end it, by getting caught, by dieing, or by winning! Hope you enjoy,


I'm going to Hogwarts!

This game is about creating your charecter, going to hogwartd, making new friends, and getting good grades! I will try to edit it often, and add more options, which is why some of the options may have no words on them, and in the future i may or may not change it to an advanced game. Thank you, and i hope you enjoy! Please comment how you thought it was, and if you have critisem, please give me advice to make it better, instead of just explaining why and how you don't think it's good.
Also, i'm sorry but you start as a girl, hoepfully soon i will add a boy!

Anyways, have fun!

st. Penelope school adventure!

Here is a fun game about a girl named thalia, who is going to a new middle school, and it is her first day at st. Penelope. Help her to become everyone's friend, and get good grades!

The crazy adventure!

This is a crazy adventure about a girl or boy,( you choose!) who goes on a wild story that can change randomley! Weird things are aboutto happen, so try not to get confused!

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Page won't show up on item effect. Please help! on 8/4/2016 4:17:10 PM

Okay thanks i will check and see!

Page won't show up on item effect. Please help! on 8/4/2016 8:53:29 AM

Yes finally someone undertsands!!! Thank you, so yes, the page i want does not appear in the top box, but it still shows up on my list of pages and on the bottum box. Well, at least now i know whT to say when i ask someone else! Tyanks again!!!

Page won't show up on item effect. Please help! on 8/3/2016 9:05:58 AM

Oh... No i didn't mean that, sorry! MY name is alex and when i said 
Thanks, Alex, i meant it as like saying from,me,  alex. Hope that clears it up! I am really asking anyone who could help me! What i mean for my question is, so i have a lot of pages, and my story game is about a school. Do you know when you want to make the item go to a different page whenever used on a certain page? Well, im trying tp do that, but that "certain page" i want won't show up on any of the page options, for the "currant page", but it still shows up on the part where you choose what page you want it to go to, AND it still appears on my list of pages. Am really confused about how it all works but praying that someone will understand and know the answer because i need it to work to continue my story.

Page won't show up on item effect. Please help! on 8/1/2016 11:45:15 PM

Hello there, i have a bit of a problem. Actually, its more like a big problem. I created a page called starting class, but when i go to the effects for if used on ___ page, it wont show up. I need it to continue my story. Thanks, alex.