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Master of None on 4/8/2021 4:48:00 PM
‘Except childs’

RPG stories, by Green on 4/8/2021 4:42:11 PM
Someone didn’t get laid that night

RPG stories, by Green on 4/8/2021 4:41:42 PM
Oh this lady wasn’t a power gamer, she definitely just thought she was. She seemed to think she was amazing at everything, but put others down to make her feel better. Fortunately she’s in a friend’s campaign and she supposedly moved past it, but as a new DM I couldn’t deal with it at all. The duo moved away when the son went to university (the dad wanted to be near him because the son is his carer), but the campaign they were in was so wholesome. I’ll write it down here when I’m not tired. I try to avoid getting couples involved in my games, sometimes it works well but when it doesn’t it splits the group so much. Honestly I have no need for love, I have my models. Honestly that’s a massive issue I’ve heard about from my non-deaf friends. I think it’s because if people speak with their normal voice during roleplay it can be difficult to see the difference between what they’re saying in and out of character. Either way, it’s really weird and I’m truly sorry you experienced that Tim. I try to get my groups to hang out once a month outside of game if possible, just so we can take breaks from the action.

RPG stories, by Green on 4/8/2021 4:35:20 PM
Fun side story: This date guy currently has a bi girlfriend. At Halloween they did a reverse gender costume thing (he wore a school girl uniform she wore some teacher shit?) anyway I’m pretty sure he gets pegged. I’ve also heard he’s done a similar thing to another DM (this one isn’t deaf) and that she actually got him banned from one of the stores in our area (unfortunately nobody likes that store anyway). So yeah: I’m pretty sure it wasn’t me.

RPG stories, by Green on 4/8/2021 4:32:14 PM
I’ll never get them.

RPG stories, by Green on 4/8/2021 4:31:59 PM
I just played a game with family members, so fate tempting is all I do: can’t wait to cause a divorce!

RPG stories, by Green on 4/7/2021 10:12:23 PM
I’ve had a few games where the DM’s partner is involved and it’s pretty easy to tell that the significant other gets special attention. I only have one couple in my games (a wizard and a sorcerer) but they play a brother and sister duo, so unless they go the Dark route there’ll be no romance.

RPG stories, by Green on 4/7/2021 10:09:39 PM
It was a number of things. Basically all he wanted to talk about was our campaign, which while I obviously enjoy a talk about RPGS kind of is annoying when you’re trying to get to know them better (he was the one in the group I’d only known for a little while, so I was trying to establish human connection). He also seemed very impatient whenever I tried to change the subject to myself or asked him questions. Half way through he asked me if I was okay because I ‘wasn’t acting like’ myself. Obviously I was a bit nervous because I’m on a date with someone who really doesn’t seem interested, but that comment ticked me off. After the date, like a few weeks, I received a private message by one of the other male members in the group. He sent some screenshots of an Instagram conversation between him and the person I went on a date with. Date person was complaining that I was a completely different person ‘in real life’ and was nothing like my dnd self. I honestly don’t know what he expected: our group stays pretty in character but as far as I’m aware a gang of dwarves didn’t murder the rogue’s father.

RPG stories, by Green on 4/7/2021 4:22:45 PM
Hey: I’m green! I’m pretty active on the discord and creative corner but I don’t really post too much anywhere else. I love tabletop rpgs so I thought I’d make a thread here to speak about my experiences with them. Below will be tales from my current campaigns and also horror stories: if you have any fun pen and paper RPG stories feel free to share them here. Here’s some fun pictures of models I’ve painted: My horror stories: Ahh there are quite a few of these, I’ll go with the few most prominent ones because they’re the most interesting (the others are just a bit boring, and generally deal with new players not knowing quite how to play). For reference: I am really fucking deaf. I cannot hear at all, but I can lipread. Thus most of my sessions take place using sign language and I’ve run one or two games with talking (as my speech is slow and quite slurred). My worst horror story took place two years ago, when I was sixteen. I’d played dnd with a group for a while and wanted to try my hand at being the dungeon master. While I wasn’t good at it at the time and was rather shy, I enjoyed making the world and doing roleplay with my friends. Therefore I decided to try and organise a game with people I didn’t know in my local deaf community. I’ll be calling the players red, pink and yellow for reference. Red was a super sweet deaf old man who was yellow’s, a young boy who knew sign language, father. They played a father and son duo in the game and it was super sweet. Pink is the problem player. Pink was a tyfling warlock (can you see where this is going?) that had every cliche imaginable. She constantly interrupted me when I was trying to speak, was on her phone till combat, constantly told people their roleplay was bad, spoke down to me and claimed her other DMS were better (I was 3 years younger than her at the time). I eventually spoke to her outside the group, which resulted in her trying to murder hobo her way through the campaign. Anyway, I eventually kicked her ass out and moved the father and son duo to a better game with more positive players. I heard recently she tried to run a pathfinder campaign which went awfully, with players dropping out because of poor quality. My second story isn’t directly related to dnd but is adjacent. Basically one player’s girlfriend WOULD NOT LEAVE HIM ALONE. Ever. She’d call him every five minutes of the session, demand pictures of who he was with ect ect. Eventually we invited her to the session so she’d stop. Bad move. Basically she demanded an in game relationship with her partner and tried to describe flirting between them, which made everyone uncomfortable and is the reason I don’t do romance in my games anymore. Eventually she moved away after they broke up, but it was a weird few weeks. Third and final horror story to kick start this thread: that time someone confused role playing for reality. Essentially a player (male) was really, aggressively into one female NPC that travelled with the party for a while. She was pretty timid, but I am not currently (confidence has come easily to me because I’ve realised I’m incredibly sexy). Anyway, he asked me out. I said yes because I am a people pleaser. We lasted one date before I realised he wasn’t into me. He was into the NPC. He wanted to date the NPC I was playing. Obviously I avoided him from then on. My current campaign: The party found themselves on the inside of an empty room, with dwarven footsteps leading to the outside. After talking and introducing themselves to one another, the group travelled out into what they quickly found to be a dungeon. A dragon inhabited the area, snatching up those creatures that made a sound, and the party stealthily made their way around the dungeon depths. Time passed. They found a healing pool and several shrines to various gods, as well as an elemental puzzle. After interrogating a dwarf and the necromancer gaining a zombie servant, the group made their way out of the building: falling into a ditch below. They were confronted with a choice. Should they travel to a smaller town close by, or a larger one much further away? Deciding on the smaller town, the group soon found it was inhabited by a group of anti magic users known as the ‘followers of Imarnn’. Following the group down into the sewers, they saw a ritual take place where Imarnn took a pyromancer’s magic from him. The crowd cheered as the party watched those magic users on stage be stripped of their powers... Meanwhile, while the rest of the party found themselves in the crowd, two members began in a very different location. Finding his friend captured, a Geomancer searched various bars in the city. Directed to the local league headquarters, he found four sheets of paper stapled to the wall nearby: these appeared to be posters to an anti magic rally, but when turned around appeared to be a map of the city sewers. An ‘x’ showed where the rally was to take place, and he hurried there in an attempt to find his friend. Meanwhile the cardslinger, trapped in a cage after being knocked out by thugs, spoke to his cellmate: a dwarf known as Yoten the mighty, who claimed he was of great renown. After collecting his cards from various places throughout the room, the cardslinger attempted an escape... only to be captured and brought to the front of the rally. The main party (the necromancer/death cleric, rogue and paladin) watched as the cardslinger was brought on stage, and was nearly stripped of his magic by Imarnn. Jumping away from the scene, the cardslinger managed to escape from his captors. When the guards started attacking the cardslinger as they ran into the crowd, many gathered began to run and combat began. Fighting valiantly, the party killed many of the orc guards, but Imarnn managed to escape in a puff of light. The Geomancer saw that Imarnn’s face was more of an illusion, hiding some sort of tentacled face. After the battle the party returned to the surface and had some downtime, reading in libraries and exploring the city. One of their number entered a relic shop owned by a man with pointed teeth, who requested the collection of an artefact from underneath the project bluebird internment zone nearby. After sneaking into the zone through geomancy and also using some connections with a prostitute to enter, the party found the Elven ruins beneath the internment zone. After nearly dying to a black pudding inside and failing to solve several puzzles, they found the artefact that was requested from them. Once they touched it a security troll fell from the ceiling and smashed into them, vomiting up goblins. Battle began, and after altering the trolls mind the Necromancer defeated the rest of the goblins with the Paladin’s support and damage sponging. At the other end of the dungeon the rogue slaughtered their way through several goblins while the Geomancer and card slinger double teamed another troll. As the dust settled, the group approached the artefact... which is where the session ended. To be continued...

In the grim dark of the-near, not so grim future? on 4/2/2021 1:05:25 PM
It’s kind of a shame, I was sort of excited to read this.