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Just a storygame reader who may or may not someday make their own storygame. ^_^ Feel free to message me if you want to talk~

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Near-Death Experiences on 8/1/2016 9:01:32 PM

Ah, okay. I did think it seemed like a while since anyone has posted anything. I'll keep that in mind~

Near-Death Experiences on 8/1/2016 8:46:34 PM

Whoa. O-o 


Near-Death Experiences on 8/1/2016 8:44:02 PM

One time when I was about six or seven, my family were at this indoor swimming pool. My Dad told me not to go over I to the deep end. A few minutes later, I went into the deep end. XD I only remember being underwater for a few seconds before my dad pulled my out. He was (understandably) pretty mad. XD 


Another time, when I was also around seven, I'd visited my cousin's house for the first time in years (they lived in another country, so...). Her little sister didn't recognise me at all, since she'd been really young the last time I'd visited., she decided to chase me around their apartment with a knife. Afterwards, everyone would say that it hasn't been that dangerous, and that my three year old cousin would never have actually stabbed me, but at the time I was so scared I somehow managed to jump/climb up to a random ledge in the kitchen. O_o


Aaaaand there was that one time my friend's mum almost ran me over (technically, it was kind of my fault, since I hadn't been paying much attention to the road).