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Just a 18 year old native of Wisconsin. Love dragon type fantasy and reading. I'm learning the ways of CYS and the people around it. Just PM me for help or to just talk. I'll do my best to help the people on the site.

I try in my stories to make the people feel as if there right next to my characters. I try to add as many thing as I can, such as love, hate, fear, and much more. I'm hoping to get a game featured one day and do much better to become an admin like JJJ, but that may never happen. I hope to get a lot of work done for this site and those who use it. Thanks to everyone who's helped along the way, most notably SindriV.


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Homo Perfectus 5

A fifth installment to the Homo Perfectus series. Two years have passed since the forming of the Imperfects and Thorne's defeat at the hands of Eve. But as soon as everything appears to be returning to normal, the Imperfects discover an entirely new threat. Could it be that Meckard's legacy still survives after all this time?

This time, you play as all the Imperfects. Eve, Baryon, Freakshow, Haste and Brute, but not at the same time. Namely, when an ending is reached, you will unlock a new character to play, unless the ending involves your death, in which case, that character becomes locked again until unlocked by someone else's ending. Also, if you die at some point, you might want to consider not using the go back button (unless that character was your only unlocked character, and try playing someone else from the perspective that one of the Imperfects dies. That brings me to another thing: your actions as one character will incorporate into your other playthroughs.

By the way, there is a secret character that can join the Imperfects. That character will not be playable, but it is a character you may have seen on previous Homo Perfectus stories.

Save Your Dragon

Your best friend, the dragon Redscale has been abducted by an unknown adversary. Get yourself a companion, find Redscale and find out who took him.

This is the remodeled version of the original. There will be more story and it is going to be longer. Some of the comments gave me an idea how to redo it.  The story has three sides to it. Thanks to the work of my Co-author, I've got a great story. For that, I thank him. 

Comments and ratings wanted to help for future stories!

SYD 2: Dragonfall
Five hundred years of peace settled in the land of Varon. The heroes of that time, the Dragon Rider Zaron and the Princess Kai, have long since passed on. The Alliance between human and dragon has been strong, but an ancient evil has a reawakened. The order of riders Zaron formed has vanished. The Silver Dragon egg has gone missing, and the kingdom has need of a new hero. A traveling mercenary, Trian, has found the egg. Trian and his dragon Moon must like his predecessor save the kingdom or the world will fall.

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You're one to talk. I've been here longer than you, Cool.

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The name is Zach.

Summer Vacation is Almost Here... on 6/5/2012 3:36:57 PM

i wanted to say a proper farewell before I left. Summer vacation is coming up and I usuall am not in infront of a computer writing. Usually outside or ahnging with friends playing Modern Warfare Series. I with be on and off till the 7th of June. Just wanted to wish the people of CYS a good time in my absence and that the trolls stay away.

Preview of SYD 2 on 6/5/2012 8:17:36 AM

previewing is over for now. I hope those who looked at it liked it.

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The picture problem should be solved now.

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I'll have to fix the pics then. Wierd. They are seen on mine.

Preview of SYD 2 on 6/4/2012 11:18:05 AM

I decided to give a preview of Save Your Dragon 2. You won't get far, but this is merely for feedback.

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Thanks for doing something about it

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If anyone can write, it's you SindriV.