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Hey yoooo!


My alias shall be "Lights" & I am a very...


I'm something, I hope |D

I am cursed with shortness & am a new author (writing is not a thing I do very often- so I lack quite a bit of writing skills). I am on this site because I love CYOA games & I'd like to try & create one- & I also believe that this will help in creating a decent plot for a game I'm currently working on ;D

I only have one story "published" & it is a DEMO/WIP/test to see if I can understand how to create these games; it's called .:Icky Boys & Cootie Girls:. & please do check it out! ^^

I hope to do more in the future~


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.:Icky Boys & Cootie Girls:. *WIP


.: This is my first shot at creating a game with this! In this game, you play as either a young boy or girl who meets their childhood friend- and, depending on your options, your future love interest. There's only one curse word in the game, and it's if a certain option is picked (though it won't be hard to avoid regardless) & if I continue this game the rating will probably go up ;u; This is a Work-In-Progress; it's a DEMO! ;u;


This was initially only a test to see if I can create a game with this- and the story/options were all improvisation because I was playing with this at first |D However, plot bunnies have popped up everywhere as I kept playing with this!

If I did well- then I shall continue it (but I won't know unless you lovely people give me comments! ;u; )


This is really short. I only have your first day of school done- and it's pretty tiny ;u; I  hope it's enough to give one a taste of what the gameplay may be, though ;u;

*Thanks for reading/playing! Please rate & comment, if you don't mind~ ^^

<3 -- Lights