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Revelations at the COG Ranch on 4/29/2021 8:30:58 AM
The problem plaguing the world of interactive fiction today is social media, just like it's the problem with most things. You should all admire Jason's uncontrolled assholishness, it's such a rare and vanishing thing that not many are willing to commit to with their real names attached. But if you wonder why interaction fiction has become so bland and neutered and "woke", it's because you're looking at something that was written to be trumpeted about on a social media page or used to bolster a resume. Art has become empty narcisstic grasping, because in the days of doxxing and cancelling, this is all the world we live in allows. Freedom is still possible, but no one will consider publishing something without their name attached because they're writing for the wrong reasons. It's all a big betrayal of the true visionaries who paved the way over the centuries, who were NEVER creatures of social norms. I'm certain they watch from their graves in disgust at the new race of cringing dogs who only publish things their employer and grandmother would approve. The anonymity of internet gave everyone a chance to be a visionary while still living a normal life, and that's been given up and thrown out with the garbage for money and for a desperate need for attention and credit.