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my father was a waffle and my mother was a man


The Shopping List Quest

What should have been a rockin' night of movies and snacks goes south for Emmy Cartwright as a quick glance in the kitchen reveals nothing but a coupon for the new megamart downtown. With no other options, she'll venture out for some late night shopping, trying to get as much as she can on her shopping list before getting kicked out, or worse, kicking the bucket.

The Wooden Chair

You sit on a wooden chair. Things can only get worse from here.

chair main

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Baiting and Fishing Again on 10/27/2021 10:31:59 PM
ah but tears WERE shed, so I win B)

Baiting and Fishing Again on 10/27/2021 10:16:32 PM
Okie dokie better grab a tissue. It all started back in the late 90s. My soon-to-be mother was crying helplessly as she was just evicted from her home. Tears were flowing down her face as she collapsed onto the cold concrete. It was also raining profusely. Just as the last drops of hope she had sunk down into the abyss, she noticed a glimmer of light in the corner of her eye. It was a box of Eggo(trademark) waffles. The little bit of light from the clouds was reflecting off the glossy yellow box. A shimmer of hope perhaps? She cautiously walked over and grabbed the box. It was already opened. With a look inside she saw only one soggy waffle left. My father. My mom pulled the discarded waffle out of the box. "I know how you feel, little waffle" she whispered through tears. "Don't worry, I'll make your dreams come true". She then ate the entire waffle in one bite. 20 minutes later and she was in the hospital giving birth to me. "Dada?" I cried. "Oh baby, daddy is gone. He sacrificed his life for you to be born today. he was also delicious" my mom said with teary eyes. But they were tears of joy.

Baiting and Fishing Again on 10/27/2021 9:59:04 PM
Ye but you gotta be convincing

Baiting and Fishing Again on 10/27/2021 9:50:44 PM
Well you see, when a waffle and man love each other very much.......