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I am Milton, and also a ManThing. I enjoy stories; thus I want to make and offer my own contributions to honor the efforts of the writers that have inspired me. If we meet, I wish you well. God bless you.

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Good Day, on 2/27/2024 9:47:17 AM

Some are also writing long lines of text with broken sticks and charcoal, or at least what you hope is charcoal.

Interesting comments 9 on 2/27/2024 9:39:05 AM

I like your games. Does that prove I'm not racist?

Hello there! on 2/16/2024 8:08:38 AM

Hi there justarandomperson! I'm new to this site, but if I can help, I will. What story are you looking for?

Obligatory Valentine’s Day Post on 2/15/2024 9:41:13 AM

Have to admit that I haven't looked at any of the Romance genre, but I liked The Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost, Equator City, Tower of Riddles (still need to rate) and Hastings, 1066: Aftermath (playing and will rate). I'll let you know if I find some good romance stories, but I'm down for suggestions.

Obligatory Valentine’s Day Post on 2/14/2024 4:41:23 PM

Nah. It's just a Singles' Awareness Day for me. Still plumbing through the site for stories, but I'm always finding some good gems here.

Storytelling: One Sentence at a Time on 2/9/2024 9:20:31 AM

The agent, codenamed "Other Ideas", was in fact John's estranged six-year-old son, named Jason.

End Master’s Prompt Contest 3 on 2/8/2024 3:54:19 PM

Alright, I'll take #27 please.

Storytelling: One Sentence at a Time on 2/8/2024 2:58:36 PM

John prided himself on his meticulous nature knowing that any misstep or mis-ordered action could lead his whole day into chaos.

Storytelling: One Sentence at a Time on 2/8/2024 12:11:56 PM

Hi everyone!

I'd like to play a simple game for anyone interested: Let's write a story one sentence at at time. It can be as serious, or as silly, as we want. Let's also do our best to follow the rules of grammar and typography. I hope this will be a fun exercise for everyone involved.


1. When posting, reply directly to the most recently posted message.

2. Avoid typos and grammatical errors. Do not post run-on sentences.

3. Do not edit your message after posting, unless you want to correct any typos or grammatical errors.

4. Wait at least one hour after posting a reply to let others have a chance.

5. Do not reply directly to yourself.

6. Adhere to the site rules and regulations (obviously).


I'll start:

John woke up early to start his Saturday morning routine.

Guild Names on 2/7/2024 10:44:22 AM

Off the top of my head, I would give these:

The Brotherhood of Domestic Posterity (BDP) 

Originally formed to settle local disputes, the BDP eventually organized to form a militia in response to a foreign criminal presence. After this event, there was no going back. Although it was first created to prevent encroaching criminal influences, the BDP ironically became the one thing they despised. They began racketeering, at first from consenting individuals, but as their influence spread, they became more inclined to assert their own sense of authority over those less familiar with their operations. Now, the BDP, while on the surface acts in the best interests of the communities they touch, is not above any action needed to create justification for their own existence, even if it means creating problems preemptively before larger threats to peace emerge. They are known for their influence in labor unions, security contracts, neighborhood watches and "charity" drives.

The Coalition of Obtrusive Permanence (COP)

The first members of the COP had no intention of organizing themselves as a permanent organization. It was a one-time deal to stop a group of young adolescents from littering when the local authorities failed to enforce the law in a timely manner. However, after feeling the thrill of success, the members reorganized to deal with other pressing issues in their local community. After having recognized that crime always seeks to emerge from the shadows, the organization remained an ever-present fixture of passionate individuals seeking to enforce laws in the absence of official authorities, including ones that obviously should exist even without the formal letter of the law. COPs take it upon themselves to enforce a rigid interpretation of moral imperatives agreed upon by the Upper Echelon of the organization. Upper Echelon has the power to recognize or ignore published laws in accordance with their charter of "true law" that guides the organization as whole. Members are also expected to give dues to contribute to the organization's continued success. Thus, COP also implements a system of multi-level marketing in which Upper Echelon collects dues and expects members under them to contract sub-members to continue the flow of dues.