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Jason Hill is a Kiel on 12/29/2018 3:06:29 PM

I love Swamp Castle!

When I've talked to people outside the site on the subject of CYOAS, when they list their favorites it's always the Hosted Games, not the official ones. People who aren't involved enough with COG to use the forum aren't aware of the weird caste system they have in place, even though it's the Hosted Game authors who are as good as carrying the site. 

Jason Hill is a Kiel on 12/28/2018 11:27:24 PM

I laughed at the tl:dr there and had to go look up Inspirobot. Fun site, thanks. 

To tell the truth I laughed at the whole thread. I saw the Better Citizens: Citizens Not Invited thread earlier and was waiting to see what the reaction was here. I was not disappointed. That is the thing I like about this place, people don't take everything sooo seriously and still remember how to have fun even while being very very vocal about their feelings.

I just hope you're forum gets fixed soon lol, I was extremely confused when I first saw it.

To Hell with COG on 12/28/2018 12:03:02 AM

Thanks but...I already have a one year old here slobbering on me, so...I'll pass....

To Hell with COG on 12/27/2018 11:16:23 PM

This situation with Jason really bothers me. Maybe he feels like he can treat Avery like garbage because they've got another gladiator game lined up already. (I'm sure that's reading too much into and he just was being an asshole without any further agenda but the fact that he's supposed to be representing a business...)

Their head admin will openly attack Avery but the site won't fail to take their cut of the money from the story she wrote and they assume she can't do anything but put up with it, that's the crux of this for me.  

To Hell with COG on 12/27/2018 11:11:35 PM

Sammy's game could potentially have a large audience, but it doesn't fit the image the site likes to present and that's been obvious for awhile. I did agree with some of his points, there's nothing in the story that wouldn't be in a movie which I'm sure most of the people complaining about his content would go to see without batting an eye. But at the same time it's a bit silly for him to be getting angry at others for being too sensitive when he can't handle criticism himself. His story does interest me but there's no point in hanging around burning bridges and stirring up more drama when it's clearly not a good fit for the site and never was.

The content policies send mixed messages right now, there's the Adult section now and erotica that adults are trusted to make choices over whether or not they'd like to read it, but in other situations it's like they think their readers are children. How many published, popular authors who sell hundreds of thousands of books through a real publisher could even make the cut on Choice of, I wonder.   

I also hope there's no issue with Avery's game. I'll temper my earlier statement to say of course I'll be buying Price of Freedom, I've been waiting for it a long time. It's just strange to me that Jason waits until they're this close to publishing to start treating her like that and it almost seems deliberate. Nothing about his post made any sense and it could apply to any post on any forum if he seriously believed that. If someone doesn't read this post and just imagines it's says something completely different, how is that my fault?  


Crazy people be 2 CRAZY!!! (pt 2) on 12/27/2018 9:23:44 PM

You are correct, but not any more.

Is it really that hard to set up a pfp? It says where to upload them right there underneath the box when you go to select one.

To Hell with COG on 12/27/2018 9:22:06 PM

I hope you all liked my clickbait title.

I have had a forum account over at Choice of Games for a year now. I've purchased their games for probably six or more years. I've lurked here too and read a lot of the stories (big fan of Endmaster and BerkaZerka and of course Avery/Briar).

I considered making a normal newbie thread but I know you CYSers like this sort of thing so here it is: I am officially DONE with COG, now and forever. I've read a lot of idiotic things on their forum in my time there, but I've been understanding because idiots can be found anywhere. 

But THIS just made me see red:

This is Jason Stevan Hill, the main admin, turning on his authors and dictating that their words should now be written only to please and pander to people who don't read them.

What does that even mean?

It makes no sense at all and that it's just a reason for an unpleasant man to take petty jabs at Avery and shut down her argument without actually addressing it. Avery is one of the most sensible, well-adjusted people on that forum and Jason has as good as declared he doesn't want anything to do with that. Instead we must think of the readers we're writing works the size of six novels for who the admins believe can't be expected to read three small paragraphs. 

Now I might find a lot of the people on the COG forum frustrating or annoying... I actually share some of the sentiments here even if I wouldn't phrase them quite so dramatically... but I don't think any of them are as flat out stupid as Jason has declared them to be.

I used to dream of writing for Choice of Games. I'm about 70k into a fantasy novel I was hoping to turn into a hosted game there in fact once I was able to learn their scripting. This was the last straw for me though, the community is just toxic and set against artistic expression in any way, and that attitude is now proven to go all the way to the top. 

I wish my defection meant a little more, I'm a lurker at heart so I never posted much there and probably won't be logged in here much either, but for now I've decided to stop purchasing their games and I hope this thread will bring some of you here a moment of amusement. It's a long post I realize so I hope you have a longer attention span than a COG forum user.      


Crazy people be 2 CRAZY!!! (pt 2) on 12/27/2018 8:43:03 PM

Hello CYS, newbie here, but funny this should come up because if you'll give me a few moments, I have something to say about that.