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Yet another noob on 1/18/2018 9:53:51 AM

Think "Cards agains Humanity" meets CYOA.  The idea is each person would play as a character whlie the player to their left is the narrator.  Drawing a card would give you a scenario and 3 choices that you can take.  The player character should elaborate as much as possible.   The narrarator then draws the next card which would tell them if the given choice was a success or fail and determine whatever outcome they feel is appropriate.  Players would get points for the most susscesses and players can also dole out points for good narration.  Most points wins.  Very heavily relies on the players willingness to role play.

I will give Cows vs Aliens a try. Thanks for the recommendation. 

Yet another noob on 1/17/2018 6:43:18 PM

Hey all, 

Mythen here.  I have run across this site a few times over the last (insert apropriate time frame here) and decided why not be a contributing member of society.  Always loved the CYOA games and I am currently brainstorming and developing a randomized CYAO card game, which has sooooooo many varables and issues that it will likey take years.  In the meantime as I gater ideas and the like, I look forward to joining the community.