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Hello! New here on 7/4/2023 2:19:51 AM
Maybe a few terrorist attacks will help stop the growing feminists, or make it worse. Who know. And CoG are a bunch that take everything too seriously, its hard not to resent them lol. Especially the 'they' in the gender shit.

Hello! New here on 7/4/2023 1:50:47 AM
Im argentine, I think its the same or worse than being serbian :(

Hello! New here on 7/4/2023 1:03:25 AM
I think is old, but I wouldn't be surprised if they kept saying that shit. After all, someone who is supposedly homophobic or racist according to their prejudices is the devil himself :). But anyways, they are not completely idiots since they recognized in that publication that are many interesting and goo stories here.

Hello! New here on 7/4/2023 12:51:24 AM
Its nice that I can swear here and have someone laugh(either sarcastically or genuinely lol, dont care haha) and not be called cruel and homophobic and then get banned lol

Hello! New here on 7/4/2023 12:41:46 AM
I was on a page where you can download mods menu for choice of games games(sorry if I cant mention that bunch of nasty people who take everything you say too seriously and steal most of the money from their creators and they pretend to be fucking fair lol) and they made a mod menu of a one of this page, so i met the page. Seeing on reddit when I searched about the page and how the people of choice of games insulted the page for being homophobic, I decided to join haha. One important thing, my language isnt english so I probably have a lot of shitty misspellings so dont bully me please haha.