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I have a thing for Horror Survival, which my games will center around. My favorite Horror Survival series would be Resident Evil (Games, not the movies). Other than horror I like crime stories and might make one after at least....five succesful story-games. Feel free to ask me for help if you ever so need it. Now here's some good quotes that might inspire you.

"The mind is a terrible thing to waste"

"The only stupid question is one not asked"

"Animals don't eat people....People eat animals....and sometimes other people"

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You play as Herb Hanson, a newcomer to the big town of Willowfield. The townspeople are friendly, plenty of things to do, with very little to no crime at all. Seeming like the perfect place to escape the stress of everything back home for a little while, you drive to the secluded Willowfield...only to be welcomed by a new sickness which has recently engulfed the townspeople there.

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