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This is a choose your own adventure about a prisoner and you must escape the law

Renegade Prisoner

Running away from prison

Runaway Man

A boy named Kevin grew up in a labour camp without ever knowing his parents. An older inmate took him as his son, and Kevin has looked up to him his whole life. 15 years later, Kevin stole a piece of bread for a pigeon he found injured by the electrical fence. When the guards found out, they threatened to kill the thief. When Kevin was just about get found out, Liam (parental figure) took the blame. The next day, in a thunderstorm, the electrical fence short circuited and Kevin made a run for it. There are many different endings. The scoring works like this: You get 2 points if you end with a job. You get 1 point if you live outside of the labour camp but have no job. You get 0 points if you are taken back to the labour camp. You get -1 points if you die. If you get any points (i.e. more than 0), it counts as a win.

Just based on comments I think this is necessary to be said: This is not meant to be an in-depth fantastic project, but rather something basic that was done for school. This isn't meant to be great because I actually don't enjoy writing and I only did this because I had to. Still, those who are simply calling the game bad, please try to make your criticism more constructive so I can get better at writing.