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Hi there! I'm Psych, but I usually go by just Psy. I originally joined in April 2015 but decided to return on a new account for a fresh start. I've made a pledge to review decent-quality new storygames (or any storygame I haven't played yet) and put out at least one review every two weeks. If you would like me to review your game, feel free to PM me and I can give it a read. Friendly reminder to visit Brad's profile to get the CYS extension for an improved browsing and writing experience. Glory to CYStia!

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FAVORITE WORDS OF CYS on 4/14/2024 2:25:09 PM
Same with "Australian"

ANOTHER SHORT STORY (The person I seek) on 4/13/2024 11:29:42 AM
and stuff

I need to settle an argument on 4/11/2024 4:54:21 PM
Gay son easily

So... This is a thing on 4/8/2024 12:17:20 PM
It's been done with cartoon characters as well in the past year or so. Care for Billie Jean covered by Mr. Krabs?

Prompt Contest 3 Results on 4/4/2024 4:30:19 PM
Congrats to Sherbet, and nice work for everyone who participated! I got a whole lot of reviewing ahead of me...

Rename Love & Dating to Romance on 3/21/2024 3:48:56 PM
I could get behind this.

Rename Love & Dating to Romance on 3/19/2024 8:46:35 PM
The current name just seems redundant.

feels good on 3/13/2024 9:19:10 AM
Didn't see this earlier and thought I got Mandela effected by your username ngl But congrats!

Deleting saves from My Stuff doesn't actually work on 3/10/2024 9:09:17 PM
Damn, completely forgot to disable the extension when I was checking this out. With the extension, the My Stuff link shows storygames, the notepad, EXP, commendations, and saves. Probably something that's in Brad's side of the court then?

Deleting saves from My Stuff doesn't actually work on 3/10/2024 5:48:09 PM
I noticed some saves in My Stuff that I didn't need anymore and tried deleting them. When I click delete on a save, it will take me to My Stuff again but only show my storygames. Manually clicking on My Stuff again shows that the save wasn't actually deleted. Deleting through the Saves page works fine though.