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I'm the walking talking equivelent of Steven Hawking.

Unfortunately I'll be unable to access my account for the next few weeks, I should be back by the middle of september. 

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Contact at Infinity on 8/28/2019 4:53:21 PM

How'd I upload an image onto a thread? on 8/28/2019 4:52:51 PM
Thank you :) It's for a game I'm making.

[FORUMS] Allow Editing On Posts After Replies on 8/28/2019 4:52:04 PM
I'd agree: but if people could just delete whatever they posted I wouldn't be able to scroll through old forums and laugh at banned members rants.

Choose your story RPG? on 8/26/2019 12:38:01 PM
Here's a mock up of a few low-level enemies I made during my day off. If you have any ideas for monsters or items: make sure to tell me, since I don't know a lot of the sites 'lore'. Weeb: The weeb is an easy to defeat enemy who spends his time surfing the site whilst clutching his favourite body pillow. Stats: HP: 10 ATTACKS: REE: A screech that will deafen those who are not prepared momentarily (-5 player health) Odour: The weebs crippling body odour can render many low level foes unconscious (-2 player health, poison) Drops: Common drops: 3-5 gold coins. 1 Weeb flesh Uncommon drops: 1 Pillow fabric Epic drops: (none) Associated craft-able items (images coming soon): Pillow armour, crafted with 1 pillow fabric and 2 weeb flesh, is an armour set with defence 10. . . . . . Troll: Trolls inhabit the darkest corners of the site: they spend their time telling noobs to tag Admins 3 times and laughing at the results. Stats: HP: 15 ATTACKS: Poorly written story game: The troll craps out an poorly written story game, damaging nearby players morale (-5 player health) Shit post: The troll shit posts on the forums (like what you're reading now) wasting admin time with the clean up (-3 player health) DROPS: Common drops: Troll meat (Restores 10 hp) Eye balls Uncommon drops: (none) Epic drops: (none) Associated craft-able items: Admins can of eyes, crafted with 1 can and 3 eyes, is a food item that restores 20 hp. . . . . . CHAD: Chad is a classic internet icon that has infiltrated the site to hunt down virgins like you. Stats: HP: 30 Attacks: Back hand: Chad uses his hands, not for the first time (Minus 15 player health) Hair grease: Chad uses his pointed hair spike as a weapon (Minus 5 player health, armour piercing) DROPS: Common drops: Chad hair Can Uncommon drops: 'Ouch' t-shirt (An armour piece with defence 15) Epic drops: (none) Associated craft-able items: Admins can of eyes, crafted with 1 can and 3 eyes, is a food item that restores 20 hp. . . . . . Also: here's an image of Mayana. She'll be the first shop keeper, if she so wishes. I'll eventually do all of you, but thought I'd be ironic and make the only person who can't see their portrait first. Anyway, I'm going back to my hole to code. See you. (Also, sorry for the poor layout of this post: I'm yet to figure out how to shift the images)

How'd I upload an image onto a thread? on 8/26/2019 8:36:39 AM
Mayana's shop Figured it out, thanks so much mizal and zake.

How'd I upload an image onto a thread? on 8/26/2019 6:18:54 AM

Not sure if this is the correct place to ask this but, despite looking through the uploading images article in help and info, I can't figure out how to upload an image onto a thread.

Thanks for the help.

Hello, again. on 8/26/2019 4:33:34 AM

My favorite type of drive. 

Choose your story RPG? on 8/26/2019 4:31:28 AM

Definitely, angering the gods is not advised.

Choose your story RPG? on 8/25/2019 3:38:41 PM

Shit, forgot to link the image:i

Hello, again. on 8/25/2019 3:36:24 PM

Didn't realize I'd joined the discord? Anyway, good to be back.