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My favorite genres to write in are LGBTQ+ romance, fantasy, mystery, suspense/ thrillers, and steampunk.


Through the Black Door
A dark fantasy and horror story with an LGBTQ romance arc. You play as Isabelle, a 24-year-old woman, who wakes up next to her father's coffin. A mysterious being, in the shape of a black mare, drops a bouquet of flowers and a message next to his coffin, then disappears into the stormy night.

You follow her out into the storm. Be careful out there.

Originally published on Medium: I co-authored this story with my friend, Novus Grey. Her Medium profile: Here is my profile:

Novus has granted me permission to post her chapters here with credit at the top of her chapters. I will write a note at the top if Novus wrote the chapter. If the chapter has no note at the top, then it was written by me. Novus wrote the first several chapters, while I continued the rest of the story.

Vacation Roulette
You and your partner discover an amazingly affordable, tropical vacation with 4-star accommodations. It seems too good to be true, but you go for it anyway. The signup form requires you to fill in personality questionnaires…but the questions get into weird, even creepy scenarios. More strange things start to happen. Are you brave enough to go on this Vacation Roulette? Originally published on Medium and co-authored with Linden Schneider. Linden began the story, and I continued it. I will write a note at the top of the chapters she wrote to indicate that Linden wrote it.
Medium URL to the story:
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New here from blogging CYOA on Medium on 10/8/2023 6:17:12 PM
Not yet but thank you for the rec! :D Will put on my to-read list.

New here from blogging CYOA on Medium on 10/7/2023 11:35:47 AM
Thanks, and that makes sense! I'll keep my in-progress story in drafts until it's complete! I'll publish my already-completed story.

New here from blogging CYOA on Medium on 10/7/2023 10:05:08 AM
Nice! Thanks for the tip. :)

New here from blogging CYOA on Medium on 10/7/2023 9:57:25 AM
Thanks so much for the warm welcome! I love writing fantasy (usually high fantasy), LGBTQ+ romance, mystery, and thrillers. Lately, I've gotten into steampunk fiction, and am enjoying it a lot!

New here from blogging CYOA on Medium on 10/7/2023 8:48:32 AM
Hi there, I regularly post choose your own adventure collaborative stories on, a blogging site. But it was very hard to get views, especially with recent site changes (long story). Medium is mostly nonfiction articles, so it's difficult to get reads for fiction, especially serial fiction, including CYOA. A friend recently told me that when she sees choose your own adventures from me, she skips them...She's only interested in reading nonfiction articles from me right now. Too bad I've written nothing but fiction since August, lol. Alas. I felt super discouraged by what my friend said, though I appreciate her honesty. So I decided to start posting at a site where CYOA is actually embraced rather than ignored. There are a couple of stories from there I'd like to post here (I've asked my co-authors for permission to post their chapters here with credit at the top of the pages. One has responded with yes. The other I'm still waiting to hear back from.) One story is already complete! Do you have a recommended posting schedule for this complete story? Maybe posting once a day or a few times a week? Thank you! :)