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Juche World - Chongjin Conspiracy
Mi Hyang is a scientist and researcher in The Democratic People's Republic of Korea - The only country in the world that successfully survived the apocalyptic disaster that took place on month 3, day 17, Juche 489.

Massacre at Swamp Town
You are making your way towards the Everglades for a healing trip, but unfortunately what awaits there is not for the faint of heart. The year is Juche 1453.

Totem Spirit Quiz
Your totem spirit is the animal spirit you are most closely assosciated with. This represents your primitive energies and decision making. It also affects what you are able to manifest and attract into your life. While this is not really a story, I hope that everyone is able to appreciate this for what it is. This was made possible by Lavenderism, a new religious movement.

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Totem Spirit Quiz on 6/13/2021 8:03:42 PM
I have made a totem spirit quiz, which is meant to be short. The site however is telling me that I must wait a couple of days before publishing which makes me wonder if I should really publish something that's not what the site usually has. Are there any special rules for quizzes, or are they allowed on the site just like other storygames?

Grimdark? on 6/8/2021 8:27:34 AM
As long as it's violent, dark, dystopian, or amoral it could qualify as a grimdark. Even Game Of Thrones could have been considered a grimdark. AFAIK there aren't many hard rules, but grimdark stories tend to be edgier than normal fantasy and very violent.