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Massacre at Swamp Town
You are making your way towards the Everglades for a healing trip, but unfortunately what awaits there is not for the faint of heart. The year is Juche 1453.

Orange March: The Fall Of New Soddom
New Soddom is said to be an old city. When their sect known as Biblicalism became vilified by the fascist regime ruling over the Earth, they were sent to join the exiled Africans, Communists, Anarchists, and defeated peoples of the world on Mars. Despite being known mostly for their abuse of young boys by members of the clergy, their reputation is generally favorable in the eyes of the other exiles of mars. Will their city be doomed to fall? Will the Eartheans arrive to seize control? Or will the barbarians to the western wastelands pillage and raze everything to the ground?

Princess Saccharine
Saccharine is an artificial sweetener much sweeter than sugar, but with a bitter and metallic aftertaste. This game is brought to you by Lavenderism, a new religious movement.

Totem Spirit Quiz
Your totem spirit is the animal spirit you are most closely assosciated with. This represents your primitive energies and decision making. It also affects what you are able to manifest and attract into your life. While this is not really a story, I hope that everyone is able to appreciate this for what it is. This was made possible by Lavenderism, a new religious movement.

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A Nazbol Pedophile Cannibal Incest Dystopia? on 1/2/2022 2:15:11 PM
Now that I'm no longer manic, I'm not sure that this dystopia would work as intended. It's too humorous and silly that it would potentially ruin or negate the intentions that I wanted for this kind of dystopia. It would probably confuse people who think it is satire but cannot figure out what I'm trying to satire since it's not meant to be one. I had this whole story about how England loses its African colonies in WW2 and the Belgians side with hitler and use drugs in South Africa to stop rebellions to their genocide, but I guess that doesn't even work either.

A Nazbol Pedophile Cannibal Incest Dystopia? on 12/31/2021 7:16:08 PM
The currency of Nazbolia holds philosophers and occultists of varying ideologies. The faces of Savitri Devi, Lenin, Stalin, Himmler and The Queen of England can all be seen on the Nazbolian currency.

A Nazbol Pedophile Cannibal Incest Dystopia? on 12/31/2021 7:05:13 PM
I want to write a storygame that takes place in a dystopian society called Nazbolia. Obviously it's not meant to accurately represent a society of either ideology and there are other ideologies mixed in like radical environmentalism, liberalism, feminism, white supremacy, animal liberation, Gadaffiism and anything else that a person would want from a government. Nazbolia is a society that looks like Western depictions of the USSR and North Korea with added racism, feminism, monarchism, anarchism, contradictory political ideas and a population where the average person cannot function in a society. There are rations of food and posters everywhere celebrating the virtues of Nazbol civilization. There is no ideology that is banned, but opposing the government directly gets people to disappear. The reason that pedophilia exists in Nazbolia is thanks to the Libertarians which abolished the age of consent, and incest was advocated for by the monarchist Nazbols. Cannibalism was never really planned by any political group, but became common once starving people ate the sacrifices made at the top of the pyramid to the Nazbol gods. What does everyone think? Is this too silly or is this perfect for a Grimdark story? If it sounds too much like trolling I might just brainstorm a new idea. This website probably wouldn't like it anyway. Spoiler alert for the lore: This place exists because during a great war in the year 2100, the government had no recourse to keep the citizens from reblling and decided to give out street drugs and other illicit substances at its disposal to stop rebellions from the masses. In the end it did not work, but instead the radicals of every political belief had their brains damaged by the drugs, and decided to unify into this strange hybrid ideology.

Totem Spirit Quiz on 6/13/2021 8:03:42 PM
I have made a totem spirit quiz, which is meant to be short. The site however is telling me that I must wait a couple of days before publishing which makes me wonder if I should really publish something that's not what the site usually has. Are there any special rules for quizzes, or are they allowed on the site just like other storygames?

Grimdark? on 6/8/2021 8:27:34 AM
As long as it's violent, dark, dystopian, or amoral it could qualify as a grimdark. Even Game Of Thrones could have been considered a grimdark. AFAIK there aren't many hard rules, but grimdark stories tend to be edgier than normal fantasy and very violent.