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The Journey of Sunstone

Marcus Vissarion, a young man kept from his dreams as a Pokemon Trainer by his possessive mother, gets the chance of a lifetime. A job at the Sunstone Pokemon Behavioral and Rehabilitation Research Labs after correspondence with one of the head researchers there.

However, outside of the walls of the town you call home, is a world that has been reclaimed by nature after a war that nearly wiped all life from the face of the world of Attenia.

Marcus sees his chance to leave his life behind, though, sadly, his mother won't let go of her property. So, the only option left for him is to run away.

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Items? on 5/5/2019 6:46:00 PM

So, I have a segment where you have to combine two items and I have a problem where two items that were used in the combination were still in the inventory as two separate items existing along with the combined item. I have set it up where you drop the two separate items and keep the combined item ofc but is there a cleaner way to do it or is that the best I could have done?

I just joined! on 5/5/2019 1:59:53 PM

Not yet but if I were to guess, it's not going to be terribly long.

I just joined! on 5/5/2019 1:54:49 PM

Thanks! It's an Argentine tegu.

I just joined! on 5/5/2019 1:53:12 PM

In my experience of writing, I would agree since a few stories I've written and completed have not gotten sequels.

I just joined! on 5/5/2019 1:37:48 PM

I'm doing that since it's simple as possible and maybe if it's good enough for sequels, I'll experiment with it. 

I just joined! on 5/5/2019 1:29:27 PM

Oh neat! I appreciate it. It'll help me plan out the structure of the story. c:

I just joined! on 5/5/2019 12:55:08 PM

Not sure. Though if you don't mind me asking, branching style? I'm a decentish writer but I've never done a choose-your-own-story style one in my (adult) life. Though I've done bad ones when I was younger.

I just joined! on 5/5/2019 12:01:51 PM

Mostly stories that are either fantasy or science fiction. Or science fantasy. Like I am doing right now.

I just joined! on 5/5/2019 11:43:31 AM

Though, I've used this site since I was younger and made a few really bad stories which I apologize for. I am looking to make some stories soon and I'll be glad to share em. Hi, all!