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Blood & Gold
Play as Victor "Haze" Hernandez, a professional boxer who is thrust into gang trouble the night before his championship fight. Your dream is in reach, after many years of blood, sweat, and tears. But in the way of that gold, is a massive debt call originating from many years into your past. And it must be paid. One way or another. This is meant to be a very short game. I made it for fun and to practice a bit. Its more story than game, although you can die and there are three different endings. Enjoy.

Rage Against The Dead
A living tale set in a dead world.

The Crimson Crown
God-King Malaketh rules over the kingdom of Amyria with an iron fist and glowing eyes. Once a fabled and infamous human adventurer, who bathed in the glory and gold of righteousness, the man fell into despair and then insanity after a post-retirement quest led to his party and lifelong friends being ruthlessly slaughtered in front of him by the first foe they could not defeat: a draconic lich who feeds on the souls of the slain. His Divinity, as his subjects must title him, ("Mad-King" in hushed whispers), delved into the darkest magic and made deals with the most devious of devils to grow in power until one day, he defeated and enthralled the beast, and took the path of vengeance. Then the throne. Now he sits on the bones of usurpers and oppresses his own people to this day. Until you come. The Crimson Crown is a dark medieval fantasy epic where you take control of customizable, powerful, experienced hero, and fight with your own party to free a kingdom from the clutches of a tyrant whose past could be your future. Take on everything from hellknights to fallen hydras as you wield magic, might, or the shadows themselves and take back the land for the people, or yourself. Prove the gods right or wrong about keeping mortals free. It's up to you.

Recent Posts

Raping Thingy on 1/21/2022 9:08:20 PM
I don't understand half his raps either.

Raping Thingy on 1/20/2022 10:42:01 AM
There you go, still a broken record Retard still namedroppin' slashers, braindead heckler There's the sex, family, violence and vocabulary Tryna tear me apart like some tabloid constabulary Well you're still in my rhyme apothecary And I prescribe you an asswhoopin', so hard call it hereditary You're as predictable as the weather, man Call me the weatherman Because I said you'd be Leatherman Cuttin' off my writ and wearin' it without so much a split Skin suit glistenin' while you try to get your own writ in But that's all you are, still a fuckwit cripplin' Crumpling, bumbling, fumbling, bubble-blowin' bitchin' That's you can do, I have you at ya wits' end I add some accent to spice up my delivery See, you can observe how much I know and how much you don't You can't spit shit but shock schlock to stay afloat Yet still ya choke You're as busted as broke As poor in rhymes as you are a bloke So bye, bitch, I'd rather battle one who won't croak

Raping Thingy on 1/20/2022 9:36:21 AM
'Cuse me, you'll have to forgive me I just came back from eternally waiting It took you all night to come up with s'more edgy baiting You even copied my rapper references Mixed it in all half-ass, little to no differences You must suck at cookin' for yo made up girl, no business sense Cuz I can make easy mac better than this sad sack can laydown a rap attack I just put yo novice ass on blast while browsin' YouTube's past You're so easy to combat, I can beat your ass to a hi-hat Bam bam bam, don't claim I'm actin' Black You had to resort to my terminology to plan your next battle pass Your effort so shameful I should buy you a mask Wear it all day and hide your unfunny ass All you can rhyme about is sex and violence I guess creativity is your mental silence Can't think of anything new to try and put me in a pew I still ain't gotta pray to brainfuck you It's as easy to do as counting to two So fuck off with that vocab shit, Mr. Elmer's Glue Stop stickin' to rhymin' and try bustin' something new Cuz the nuts you making now are just so embarrassing, and shrew See I just beat yo ass with words and wit You're better off suckin' on your body pillow's tits Which I know you were doin' while thinking of your next rhymin' writ Well, even after all that thought, you're still a bitch It's time to give up, pompous pussy prick Face it, I'm no Biggie But even a dead man could beat this smooth-brained niggie

Raping Thingy on 1/19/2022 9:45:14 PM
Yeah gimme s'more of that false ass bravado You were stumbling along like that fatass Nik Avocado Now you feelin' yourself, thinkin' you're a word Picasso Call me a faggot but all you can spit is the blandest, gayest shit Trying so hard to be a literary MC you stumble over your delivery, EP Your dollar store rhymes won't do shit against real experience, capisce? See, you wanna get stereotypical, I can do that too Don't need to use words I looked up to verbally rape you Your analogy was cute, though your execution obtuse See, I just need to kiddy talk a retard to win against those bars You could never be a cancer to me Ya pulled it out your ass, guess that's what happened to your mommy Otherwise, you're a bigger dumbass than that other shitsack Spurtin' nothin' but air thinking it rhymes Pasting that flow that you change on a dime Listen to some real rap and get back with me Stop tryna slapfight a fucker who's clearly yo daddy Next time you spit more edgy poetry at me I'll smack ya harder than my caddy You're lost, playa And I don't just mean mentally But go ahead, spurt s'more Endmaster passages at me Here, take the metaphorical mic back Maybe you can suck on it while I ignore your next shit track Then kick back knowing I made yo dumbass openly slack Go ahead, you can repeat what I said last I know you like to do that when someone catches yo brain deadfast Yeah, sleep on these too, bitchass We all know just to rhyme this much, you gotta be steadfast Comes easily to me But not to this Jerry-lovin' jackass

Raping Thingy on 1/19/2022 8:28:00 PM
Enterpride raps as good as he fucks Can't get no pussy, so he has to act like one, oh shucks Thinks he's quick-witted and fast on his feet Thinks he's got what it takes to mix it up verbally Well see, Enterpride's a little slow to realize That he's as sharp as his dick Fake ass little pencil-thin stick Like his mind, it can't do shit Middle-school jabroni ass uncreative tick I'mma just flick you off Brotha, you suck more than a sex worker hick Stick to posting forum cringe, I'm done smokin' this dullard-ass bitch Maybe someone more on your level will give a you a hit

Raping Thingy on 1/19/2022 7:36:44 PM
Well, that was underwhelming.

Raping Thingy on 1/19/2022 3:50:19 AM
So what's this? Two dopes on the mic think they got some wicked lips Well over or not, let me drop my own wicked wit Yeah, call me The Wicked Witch 'Cause I'm from the West and I own a little bitch Among the best, here to attest to my own rhyming behest Spittin' and dissin' out lyrical killshots, never missin' I ain't like the rest, both yo braindead asses won't be no test Yeah, I make jaws drop like soft tops in the summer I don't walk, I cruise all over competition, such a bummer Ain't no seasons to my skill, this is a never-ending thrill It'd take more than 2Pac and 1 cop to stop my flow, so ill You can catch Covid from my sick ass spills Feel your stomach churn while yo ass burns This ain't no wannabe white Soundcloud synchrony No copy-paste mumble waste fake ass Biggy Don't need two chains to whip a bitch silly I got one hand for that Write these rhymes in the other While my desk shakes from the blowjob Thanks to the girl of ya brother Keep spitballin' bullshit thinkin' either of you are cool I don't need to mimic morning radio to rhyme without soundin' a fucking fool Ding dong, who's that? It's the bitch you wish you had She's here for so'more scat Here, you can keep the mic, you Party City MCs I'm too dope for any competition here Stick to writtin' stories, Bs Impress me See ya later Peace And oh, I'll take your pride wit me

Not a bad idea on 1/18/2022 9:57:55 PM
Well, wasn't expecting to see you here. I do give you props for not doing what I did. I, too, wanted to "shame" Jason for his ways and became so briefly obsessed with it I ended up making a damn fool of myself. Now I just continue to do that on my own by being an adult who's still really bad at managing their own time. Where you and I differ, though, is you essentially want to go out and "spearhead," as you put it in your message to me, some kind of organized cancel party on CoG like its fucking Twitter or some shit. I just wanted to boast about annoying him like some lame new fat kid on the playground trying to get immediate high fives from all the cool kids without being a normal human being first. You want to stride over here with that same type of vibe, but arguably more confusingly. What exactly do you hope to accomplish? What do you think this'll do? Is this revenge? Or do you actually believe you'll change a damn thing on any level that actually matters? You want my response, here it is. This is pretty pointless. Not only that, it is not worth it. You'll probably stir something up with the Tumblrinas or the like-minded CoGites, but only for the briefest ripple in time, then it'll fade fast and the Forums will be back under their control while everyone over here and on the other sites will move onto the next funny thing or more pressing matters in general. In other words, no one actually gives a shit. Not only because CoG will NEVER change, but also because, why? What is there to care about regarding this issue beyond laughs? The CYStians you've spoken to have already pointed out how shitty previous "rebellions" have gone, as well. The ones who want their little safe space, will always crawl back to it. The people too weak to fend for themselves, too. The ones who actually want honest, real dialogue and interaction will come to sites like this one, or other, non-CoG sites in general with little to no focus on protecting people like they're still feeble children. That's all there is to it. "Site wars" can sometimes be entertaining, but if there's none to be had, you won't get any real support, because it's otherwise just a giant waste of time. So if you were expecting an anti-CoG echo chamber, sorry, this isn't it. I got that reality check, hopefully you can, too. Just move on and either actually join this site, or leave. I'm still here because I really am still writing in the background and playing games. If you came here literally just to swing your bony virtual fists at a shitty game company, I suggest Reddit as a more fitting place for you.

Soy vs Voldy on 1/2/2022 11:04:22 PM
Yeah, but I let him pick the theme, and it's what he wanted. So rate how you will.

Soy vs Voldy on 1/2/2022 6:37:34 PM
Short story duel; 2500 words or less. We have agreed on Tuesday as the deadline. So at 12:00AM EST on January 4th, our swords shall drop, our pieces submitted to Mizal(?) and the fight judged by the people. Let it be known. The chosen theme is sci-fi. That's all. See you on the other side, spectators.