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Blood & Gold
Play as Victor "Haze" Hernandez, a professional boxer who is thrust into gang trouble the night before his championship fight. Your dream is in reach, after many years of blood, sweat, and tears. But in the way of that gold, is a massive debt call originating from many years into your past. And it must be paid. One way or another. This is meant to be a very short game. I made it for fun and to practice a bit. Its more story than game, although you can die and there are three different endings. Enjoy.

Lonely Skies
Maybe you're not so alone after all. Just look to the skies.

Rage Against The Dead
A living tale set in a dead world.

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Horror Story Intro - Requesting Feedback on 10/4/2022 1:14:24 AM
Thank you for this thoughtful feedback.

Horror Story Intro - Requesting Feedback on 10/3/2022 2:50:02 PM
The moon casts an eerie, seemingly ethereal glow upon the gently falling onslaught of white that bites at the skin of four lost souls as they brazenly make their way across the slippery, shining street. Through the dark, a panicking, bullheaded boy leads them closer to the side gate of a house that overlooks a cul de sac. Unintentionally, he slams his left shoulder onto the hard, soaked wood as he crouches against one of the tall planks that connects it to both sides of the structure. Knowing his little accident was both noticed and made considerable noise, he grunts his teeth and slams his head into his palms, a surge of anger quickly washing through him. He curses, mostly regaining his composure, and motions for the following three to take spots along the wall behind him. As they hesitantly act upon his direction, he then gestures for all to stay quiet, one shaking finger put to his gashed lips. The four teens sit there in silence for fifteen seconds; the established rule everyone must abide by when a considerable noise is made while outside the safehouse. There is the lonely rattling of a fence, the gentle but unsettling ring of some porch chimes, the chilling wind in their ears, and some creaking from a set of open window shutters somewhere. Other than that, all is appearing well, for now. With a sigh that is filled with worry and anxiety, the leading kid nods to his ever weary companions, and turns to slowly push open the wooden gate they all face. He carefully checks behind the door and to his left, but sees nothing but the white walls of an abandoned house, the night almost making it gray. He then gazes out through the black and scans what little he can see of the backyard. Just like it was before, part of the empty sandbox, and there's the tipped over slide next to the ruined kiddy pool. It appears the others are still safe. “Colter?” The only girl in the group quietly calls. The boy snaps out of his whirling thoughts and back into reality. Looking back, he replies, “Sorry. Can't be too careful.” Then, he spins his head back into the direction of their home, and his shaking becomes worse for a second. “Let's go,” he dreadfully growls. Overhead, a black drone records four entirely oblivious adolescents making their way to a boarded up house through a smart middle path that cuts through two trap-filled backyards. But wait, there's no light coming from it. Just a few minutes of watching, and suddenly one comes on inside after the leading boy shines his battered, cracked flashlight towards the house. One two, one two. He's done it countless times at this point, but his stomach still sinks during the wait. After what seems like an eternity in the cold, the back door opens to reveal another kid, a taller boy brandishing a shotgun, who ushers them in quickly. Him and the one who appears in charge share some muted words, before Shotgun Boy nods almost reluctantly and shoots one last glance out into the night, and the door is shut. Another eternity later, the light goes off, and all is back to silence and stillness. They were discovered, and so was their base. The drone hovers high above and around the two-story home. All of its windows and doors are completely boarded shut, save that back entrance. That one probably has a laughable set of locks on it, that's what all the waiting may have been for. The two yards they cut through to get here were littered with raised ground and slightly visible wires, as is the front yard of this home. They have a very good system going, and they are well armed and defended. Seemingly smarter than the others, but it's still not enough. The drone changes course and does one last quick scan of the house before flying off into the night. They are coming, now, and the only remaining kids in this entire town aren't ready. This is their last night.

Seeking attention from obscure writing sites on 7/31/2022 3:49:08 AM
Eh, wasn't trying to be funny. Was just continuing to prove you're a bit of a hypocrite. Y'know, like with the wall of text. And editing my posts still takes a level of effort that isn't usual for you. So I would say I'm certainly doing something to that Jello-like online ego of yours.

Seeking attention from obscure writing sites on 7/31/2022 3:40:26 AM
>Claims what I say holds no weight to her. >Goes in and completely edits my posts. The edit was funny, though.

Seeking attention from obscure writing sites on 7/31/2022 3:28:06 AM

today I sucked the dick of my soon to be wife's black bull.

She smiled at me after their usual 'breeding ritual', his seed still spilling from the corners of her mouth.

I couldn’t resist the urge to kiss her and taste the seed of a superior stallion myself



Seeking attention from obscure writing sites on 7/31/2022 3:16:06 AM
Ah yes, no one has ever vented here before.

Seeking attention from obscure writing sites on 7/31/2022 3:07:35 AM
Ah yes, the usual, easy, witty, obligatory "I only did X and Y because you're Z" reasoning. For someone so disappointed in me, you sure are making the feeling more mutual by the minute. And more alts this, alts that? I mean, I can't exactly say anything for myself on that, so you get that point for...accuracy, I guess? But definitely not effort. I'm already bored.

Seeking attention from obscure writing sites on 7/31/2022 2:44:01 AM
Lmao, my reply wasn't that deep. What's with the text wall? If anything, you being so defensive showed my point. Anyway, I never stated or even implied I thought I haven't disappointed you already. For one of EndMaster's "daughters," you'd think you'd have better reading comprehension. I was referring to how you are obviously still annoyed somewhat at what happened when I first arrived. I was saying even if that never happened, you being this much of a spastic harpy about the most trivial things would lead to it, again, eventually.

Seeking attention from obscure writing sites on 7/31/2022 12:07:03 AM
Listen Thara, I was gonna disappoint you either way, eventually. Hopefully I can at least make you a little less of an overly-let-down killjoy with my first game. We'll see.