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Hello, everyone! WildeKatz is currently... saying... this... Anyways, I'm on quite a few other sites. 

A few things you should know about me: 

*I'm typing this on a school computer... :/

*I like purple

more later



10 Facts I Definitely Know About You:

1. You are reading this.
2. You are human.
3.You are on my profile.
4. You are still reading this...
6. You didn't notice that I skipped five.
7. You just looked for five.
8. You are smiling and laughing to yourself.
9. You are enjoying this.
10. You are probably going to post this again.
11. You probably didn't notice there was supposed to be ten facts.
12. You just checked.

(I found this on someone else's profile.)


Griffin Story

More game than story, but it's about how the griffins live, and the region. I might make a second one with more choices.

Life: Cat

Live the life of a cat! You can be male or female, live tamed or wild, in the city or forest, have a clan, kittens, and more! I will also create many more animal life games. My next goal might be dogs or dragons! Right now, you can only live as a female short haired tabby female who lives in a small village. After I am finished with this, I will probably create the dog story, but will also be making a second Life: Cat. When I am finished, comment which story I should do next, dog, dragon, or any other options and comment what I should do for Life: Cat 2! ;3

Life: Dragon

This will be a game where you can play as a dragon based on four ancient types of dragons: Water, Sky, Fire, and Earth. You can play as male or female, live in different regions depending on your type, have a mate, and have kids. When, and if I create a second Life: Dragon, you'll play as one of your offspring, and they'll be hybrids like Ice, Tornado, Ember, and Platinum. (You'll get to choose what dragon you were and who you mate was so that you can continue.) Those aren't all of the types, but that'll be for later.

Life: Dragons

Live as a dragon, from birth to your death! Yes, that sounds like fun right? To know how you die? Anyways, live in WeepingWillow as one of the greatest warriors there! Live as male or female, have a family, fight enemies, and much more! Also, don't think you're gonna die when you battle an enemy. You die in probably only 1 other way.