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The Monarchs of Aurica

In this story, you play as Prince Amadeus of Aurica, the second-in-line to the Aurican throne. Your parents, The King and Queen have just died in an accident and now you're elder sister Alessandra will become the latest ruling monarch.

Will you support her claim to the throne? Will you conspire with your younger brother (who's your twin, by the way) to take her down? Why not just take over yourself? Click the Play button to find out!

(The story is loosely based on the pre-industrial revolution period and Aurica is sort of like England in this alternate universe. However, there may be some historical inaccuracies and technology that should not exist in the story.  I think it's fun to spice up the past to see what they would have done with some advanced tech, so please, forgive me.)

{This is my first attempt at writing my own storygame. Please be constructive with your criticism. Thank you so much for even reading this blurb!}

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Hello everyone! Just wanted to announce my presence. I've been on the site without an account for about 3 months now, but I recently decided to take the leap of faith. I would really love to write my own storygame one day, but I think I'll just read for now. See y'all around!