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Darkened Door

This is a humorous story of a young man who has lived a simple life as the village stone worker. Why does the wooden carving, shaped like a door on the wall of a llocal keep bothering him? He is not sure really. It's pretty, but nothing more than a fake door. Right?

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Advanced Name and Variable on 8/28/2021 2:14:05 AM

I agree there is very little value. But the fun in this for me is doing something slightly unique. Hopefully, it pays off. If not, that's okay I learned some new things. 

Also, JavaScript is neat! Sorry if I posted my question in the wrong place, but I am happy nonetheless to have received a supportive answer. Someone needs a medal.

Advanced Name and Variable on 8/28/2021 2:01:17 AM

Amazing! Super helpful! Thanks a ton!

A very dumb mistake on 8/27/2021 12:47:06 AM

I BELIEVE! I find them super helpful. If you do a little back and forth on them too, you can figure out questions, not addressed in the specific articles. Like different kinds of coding maybe not be mentioned. Thanks a bunch to all who contributed to them!

Advanced Name and Variable on 8/27/2021 12:43:26 AM

Hey all! I am trying to do something very specific and have tried a couple of things to make it work with coding, but my coding skill is not advanced enough. I was hoping someone else might be able to help.

I am choosing to use a different name in-game than the one offered in the guides. I am using the code from https://pastebin.com/QkJA0hHe. It works really well and I am able to provide an input field where players can type in the name they want to use.

The problem I am now facing, I am trying to find a code or create a code that checks the input field or the name typed into the input field and validate what that name is.

Let me explain further.

If a player types in a few specific names,  for instance, "Alice". I want to be able to check the name and see if it is Alice or confirm the value of the playerName is "Alice". What I would like to do is create a variable that I can use anywhere in the game to check the name. I want to create a variable "TNAME".

With this variable, I can assign a value based off the name the player uses. 

For example:

playerName = 'Alice' then %TNAME = 1
playerName = 'Bob' then %TNAME = 2


Once I have a variable that is defined by the player name entered, I can use it for specific unique interactions or storytelling. The player name could be anything, but if they happen to name their character "Alice" there will be a unique dialog later in the game, same with "Bob".

But I have to be able to define the variable %TNAME and have it interact with the name so when those unique parts of the store come up, I can check the value of %TNAME or define %TNAME based of the name chosen. I hope this all makes sense. I am not too interested current name in-game option presented in the guides, so hoping for more input if someone is smarter than me on this one.